Ari has agreed to meet monkeyboy in a hotel for a wrestling session: she’s wearing a cute polka dot bikini along with some filthy fluorescent lime-green socks that have holes in! They start to wrestle on the bed and quickly monkeyboy finds her socked, and stinky, feet in his face – Ari cheerfully tells him she has been wearing them for three straight days… When he gets a chance monkeyboy pulls the socks off and gets two bare smelly feet in his face for his trouble. Ari then gets him into a headscissors and while she takes a breather, she laughs at monkeyboy’s boxers to humiliate him. Next monkeyboy finds himself being smothered under Ari’s boobs – what a life he has eh? This is followed by a classic arm-bar, but Ari cannot resist forcing him to smell her stinky toes while he’s trapped and helpless. Other holds follow, most of which involve monkeyboy having bare white-skinned feet all over his face and curled around his still sniffing nose. Because monkeyboy completely trusts the high-level MMA trained Ari, who also holds a first-aid qualification, he asks her to put him in a rear naked choke and to knock him unconscious. This she does and there’s no acting involved as you’ll see and hear from this special HD clip – a toes2nose first!


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