It was monkeyboy’s birthday when this clip was shot, as an idea of what he had in store for the weekend (more clips to follow!) Sexy Amber arrived after a long hot journey, wearing fur-lined boots and thick black socks on her feet – monkeyboy couldn’t wait to get her boots off and sniff the dirty, damp ¬†socks. She tells him that she has got her feet extra smelly as a birthday treat and monkeyboy reveals plans to go out partying the next day with two of their lady friends, Ari and Jade. The socks come off to show Ambers smelly toes that are painted an electric-blue colour and monkeyboy quickly pushes his nose into them, noting happily that they are really stinky – he’s soon lost in foot-smelling heaven. After a while, Amber takes the camera to give a nice close-up of her long, flexible toes as they rub, cover and grab at her boyfriends nose and mouth. This clip is real hardcore smelly feet sniffing, along with foot smothering, toes pushed into monkeyboy’s mouth and up his nose.


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