Sexy Amber finds monkeyboy asleep on the bed and decides to have some fun with him while he sleeps off the beers he’s drunk that evening. She is wearing black fishnet socks on her smelly feet and she soon has them in his face, curling her stinky nylon toes around his nose and rubbing her soft soles all over his face – he mumbles and moans in his sleep, but doesn’t wake up as she abuses and foot smothers him. Amber knows he is a deep sleeper when he’s been drinking and she laughs as she takes advantage of her boyfriend and takes off one sock so her bare sweaty foot can slide around his face, covering his nose with her stinky long toes. The second nylon comes off and she puts them in his mouth while covering his nose with her toes so he’s forced to smell her foot-stink in his sleep!


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