Amber has been out with some friends in London, but she couldn’t get a cab home as she ran out of money, so she called monkeyboy who rescued her by booking and paying for a taxi – he is waiting for a reward when she comes in. Of course, Amber knows exactly what he wants and as she’s been wearing her old well-worn Converse sneakers with no socks, it looks like monkeyboy is in for a treat! When he removes one shoe and sniffs it, even smelly-feet lover monkeyboy is surprised at the stink as Amber shoves her dirty bare foot in his face and wraps her sweaty toes around his nose. As well as being really smelly, Ambers soles are very dirty, as we can see when she shows them off to the camera – she puts both soft soles on the hard-sniffing monkeyboy’s face and curls her red-painted toes over his lips and nostrils. Naughty Amber manages to cock-tease her boyfriend with one foot while he smells the other one, and then she face-sits monkeyboy in her black leggings before returning to forced foot smother and smelling. She also grabs one of her sneakers and holds it over his nose to sniff.


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