Lucky old monkeyboy has 3 hot British girls, Ari, Jade and Amber, sitting on the couch in front of him – he’s just trying to tell them about the party they are going to later that evening. The girls aren’t really listening and they decide to have some fun with him and before he knows what’s happening, there are 6 stinky bare feet in his face. They are laughing at monkeyboy and he lays down in his usual place, at the feet of beautiful dominant women – Amber grabs the camera to show 30 wriggling toes and 6 soft soles in close-up as they abuse him. There is footstool, foot smothering and forced foot smelling, then the girls suggest a game of ‘who’s feet?’ This entails monkeyboy shutting his eyes and guessing who has their foot in his face from the feel and smell… Amber is in a very naughty mood and goes to stand on monkeyboy’s crotch and tease him by rubbing his cock through his pants. As the girls rub, wipe and pinch the face and nipples of monkeyboy, they chat about their feet, this turns Amber on and she starts to suck Jade’s sweaty toes! This first part of the story ends with toes in monkeyboy’s mouth and some HOM smothering.


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