After playing ‘Guess Who’s Feet’ with monkeyboy, Ari, Jade and Amber have left him blindfolded and laying on the floor, face up, ready for more foot-fun. Jade is first to trample him, she stands on his chest and stomach before moving one bare foot to squash his cock and balls. Ari joins in the CBT while Amber films the action, but she doesn’t wait long before she puts her smelly bare feet on his face and joins in with the ball-busting while monkeyboy tries to identify which of the 6 feet are doing what to him! Victim monkeyboy gets stinky feet to sniff and feet trampling and kicking his balls, then the punching and slapping starts making him cry out in pain. Next the girls get their foot-slave to turn over onto his stomach so Amber can pull her boyfriends boxers down, exposing his bare ass for them to slap with hands and feet. There’s lots of laughing as the 3 girls enjoy his humiliation at being punched, slapped and even wedgied!


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