Miss L’s Accountant has called on her with the details for her tax return, but she lets him know she is not happy with his work and is going to let him go and do her own bookkeeping from now on. Well the guy starts to say how much he needs her business and will ‘do anything’ to keep it – he then mentions giving Miss L a foot-rub. She laughs and starts to trash-talk him, she even mentions blackmail now she knows his secret fetish. Mr Accountant then admits he has been a foot-slave to dominant ladies before and Miss L says he can be her slave – she sits on the desk and puts her smelly pantyhose feet on him, so he can give her a foot-rub. This goes fine until he gives her foot a kiss! Miss L takes off his glasses and orders him onto the floor under her desk, and under her feet… She sits on a chair and rests her stinky feet on his face, making sure to cover his nose and mouth to give him a good smell, then she starts to rub her damp nylon feet and toes across his face to humiliate him. Mr Accountant asks if she will keep him on now and she says he is on trial for a month and must come over to hers whenever she wants to put her feet on him – she also says she will get her friends over to do the same.


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