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15 Mar 2019



So, Amber is rubbing her dirty, stinky feet all over monkeyboy’s face so he has to smell them… and this is to thank him for saving her when she got stranded after a night out! Her white-skinned bare feet and red-painted toes have been sweating in her old Converse sneakers all day, but now she is airing them out on her boyfriends face as they chat. Amber moves her feet around around on monkeyboy’s face, using her spreading toes on his nose and mouth especially – lots of nice close-ups to enjoy while she looks at her phone and ignores her toe-sniffing boyfriend. If you like real stinky feet sniffing, you will love these 2 clips.


8 Mar 2019



Amber has been out with some friends in London, but she couldn’t get a cab home as she ran out of money, so she called monkeyboy who rescued her by booking and paying for a taxi – he is waiting for a reward when she comes in. Of course, Amber knows exactly what he wants and as she’s been wearing her old well-worn Converse sneakers with no socks, it looks like monkeyboy is in for a treat! When he removes one shoe and sniffs it, even smelly-feet lover monkeyboy is surprised at the stink as Amber shoves her dirty bare foot in his face and wraps her sweaty toes around his nose. As well as being really smelly, Ambers soles are very dirty, as we can see when she shows them off to the camera – she puts both soft soles on the hard-sniffing monkeyboy’s face and curls her red-painted toes over his lips and nostrils. Naughty Amber manages to cock-tease her boyfriend with one foot while he smells the other one, and then she face-sits monkeyboy in her black leggings before returning to forced foot smother and smelling. She also grabs one of her sneakers and holds it over his nose to sniff.


1 Mar 2019


So, monkeyboy is giving the lovely Jade a proper foot massage wile they chat away in this real, behind-the-scenes video – he is sniffing her toes while rubbing her white-skinned feet with red-painted toes. He is explaining about reflexology while he works on her foot and Jade is obviously enjoying his efforts. When monkeyboy is finished, Jade decides he deserves a nice treat for all his efforts and puts both her feet on his face so he can smell them. Now Jade is an expert in the art of teasing foot-guys and she knows monkeyboy’s likes and his weakness for soft, stinky soles and toes over his nose, so it’s his turn to lay back and relax as he gets his reward for a good job, well done. The camera is moved closer to show Jades spreading and flexing toes as they are rubbed gently across monkeyboy’s nose and slowly dragged over his lips – it’s what we do best: Toes 2 Nose!


22 Feb 2019


Jade has been promised a foot massage by monkeyboy, before bed, and she is relaxing on the couch when he arrives to carry out his promise – this is a real behind-the-scenes video, Jade wants her foot rub and monkeyboy has left the camera running. First, monkeyboy removes one of Jades shoes to show her red-painted toes which he just has to sniff of course, then he starts the massage and explains what he’s learnt about reflexology as he kneads and rubs her foot. Jade is impressed, it seems monkeyboy is actually good at something! He works on her smelly bare foot and praises how wonderful her feet are and they chat away as Jade relaxes further, she doesn’t mind when he has a sneaky sniff of her toes. When monkeyboy starts on her other foot, Jade gives him a little reward by putting the massaged foot in his face, with the toes over his nose to smell – it looks like monkeyboy’s plan is working…


15 Feb 2019


Sexy Jade has surprised monkeyboy in bed and is sitting on his back with her smelly soles and toes curled around his face so he is forced to smell them while she teases him. She pulls his head up with her feet before making him turn over so she can grab his arms and put both feet under his face – Jade lifts monkeyboy’s head up and holds her foot in his face with her toes right across his nose. Next she puts monkeyboy in a choke hold while rubbing one foot on his cock, she expertly makes him smell one set of toes while her other foot is teasing his cock through his underwear. Both of Jades feet are put into monkeyboy’s face, the red-painted toes covering his nose to foot smother him as she grabs his balls. Jade sits back on monkeyboy’s crotch and both her feet go back over his face, when he moves his face to one side, Jades toes quickly grab his nose and pulls it so he is facing upwards again. Now, the dominant Jade can tease her victim by slowly rubbing her stinky toes right across his nostrils – she locks him into smelling her toes by hooking one foot behind his head and the other into his face so he can’t escape. We also get a nice view of Jades soles as she holds them up to the camera.


8 Feb 2019


The gorgeous Jade, dressed in a sexy camo outfit catches monkeyboy asleep in bed and jumps on him, she pulls him out from under the covers and sits on top of him with her smelly feet in his face. Kicking off her shoes, Jade rubs her nylon covered soles and toes all over his nose and mouth before making monkeyboy take her footies off with his teeth. Foot-slave monkeyboy is forced to smell her stinky toes while Jade teases his cock through his orange briefs with her other foot. Then Jade sits on his chest and face and then moves back to sit on his cock while putting both bare feet on his face, making sure her red-painted toes cover his nose. Knowing it’s best not to upset Mistress Jade, monkeyboy lays still and smells her stinky feet as she pushes his head around, he even grabs her ankles and holds her toes across his nose to sniff them better. Jade gets off of her victim, but only so she can grab his balls and cover his nose and mouth to stop his air supply. Next monkeyboy gets two feet in his crotch to rub and tease his cock, followed by a sweaty bare foot held over his nose so he as to smell between her stinky toes. This first part ends with Jade sitting on monkeyboy’s back, facing his feet, so she can wrap her toes around his face to humiliate him.


1 Feb 2019


Sexy cheerleader Jade has got monkeyboy all tied up and gagged with her stinky bare feet in his face, so he has no choice but to sniff them. She rubs her soft soles and red-painted toes across his face and nips his nose between them, laughing at him as she does. Then Jade rips the tape off of monkeyboy’s mouth and instead gags him with both feet, she laughs as foot-slave monkeyboy nibbles at her toes, lost in his fetish. He starts to compliment the cheerleader on her looks and beautiful feet – Jade responds by teasingly rubbing her toes across the end of his nose to really leave their stink with him. Next, she tramples his face a little and then traps his head between her feet so she can spread her toes around his nose and then foot-smother him. To finish the clip, we get a look at Jade in her super-hot outfit.


25 Jan 2019


Lucky monkeyboy has been to the game and he’s brought one of the cheerleaders (played by the sexy Jade) back home with him – things haven’t gone as he hoped and he is now tied up! Jade tells him that she saw him looking at her feet instead of the game and she knows he’s a foot-perv, now she intends to dominate him with her smelly feet that have been in sneakers, with no socks, all day. To increase the stink of her feet, Jade has changed into dirty old shoes and unwashed nylon socks, she puts them up to his face and slips the shoes off so she can hold the smelly nylons over his nose. Next, Jade makes monkeyboy take the nylons off with his teeth so her bare feet can abuse his face while he is helpless to resist. She rubs her soft white feet all over monkeyboy’s face and forces him to sniff her red-painted toes. Jade is not happy however and gets some tape to gag her victim with, to ensure he can only breathe in air from between her sweaty toes. She foot-smothers monkeyboy and drags her soles slowly across his face to humiliate him. To end this first part of our story, Jade hooks one foot behind monkeyboy’s head and pushes her other foot into his face so he’s trapped between them.


18 Jan 2019



Mistress Jade is having great fun with slave monkeyboy, teasing him with her stinky feet which she expertly uses to take advantage of his fetish for smelling feet and toes – this is real life foot smelling, and the feet really do stink! Cute toes are spread and flexed across monkeyboy’s face, driving him crazy and making him nibble at Jade’s perfect feet when he can. Jade sits back and pulls his head back too, this allows her to easily curl her toes over his nostrils forcing him to sniff in their sweaty aroma. Being in a good mood, Jade turns around and kneels on the couch when monkeyboy asks politely, she puts her feet back over his shoulders, so now he has her feet the other way up and ten toes are arched over his nose and lips. The camera moves even closer when Jade turns back around and pushes monkeyboy’s head down so she can rub and tease the end of his nose while he sniffs away, lost in fetish heaven. Eventually Jade gets bored and kicks monkeyboy away, but not before we get to see a real stinky feet smelling session that toes2nose is well-known for.


11 Jan 2019



The beautiful Mistress Jade calls for her foot-slave, monkeyboy, to come and take his usual place on the floor, at her feet – she has already set the camera up to record him, for use as blackmail in the future. She tells him that he’s to be her footrest and he, of course, agrees while noting that she has on the old flat shoes and black nylon inner-socks that really make her feet smelly. With monkeyboy facing her, Jade puts her feet up on his shoulders and then teases him with one stinky shoe in the face, but this is soon kicked off so she can rub a nylon foot all over his nose and mouth. Jade is in a good mood and allows monkeyboy to chat away about how her feet stink really bad and how many months it is since the footies have been washed… Jade really understands monkeyboy’s fetish for smelling sweaty feet and she takes full advantage of this by taking off the other shoe and showing him her red toenails before both feet are wiping across his face. The second shoe comes off, and then one nylon follows and Jade shows her soft sole and sexy toes to the camera before pushing her bare foot into monkeyboy’s face. Jade really enjoys teasing her foot-slave and she laughs as her toes curl around his nose and he sniffs as hard as he can. She takes off the second sock and gives it a sniff, which makes her shudder at the stink before she treats the submissive monkeyboy to the top of her foot and her strong-smelling toe cleavage. Next, its two bare feet in monkeyboy’s face and Jade slowly and deliberately drags her soles across his face and then hooks one foot behind his head, so that the other foot can press against his face making escape impossible. A helpless monkeyboy is turned around to face the camera and Jade pulls her smelly feet back to cover his nose with all ten toes. There is lots of sniffing between Jade’s toes, the camera is moved closer and you can be sure there is more to come in part 2 of our video.