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22 Dec 2017


So, Ari and Jade, both dressed as sexy Harley Quinn, are busy putting Amber and monkeyboy into bondage so they can’t go to the party. Jade pulls pantyhose over monkeyboy’s head while Ari finishes hog-tieing Amber who is struggling against the ropes, a real Damsel in Distress. After humiliating them both some more, the Harley Quinn Twins tie Amber’s stinky bare feet to monkeyboy’s face, making sure her smelly toes are over his nose, and then leave for the party while their victims can only struggle helplessly… Some time later, Ari and Jade return having had a few drinks: they want to play some more before letting Amber and monkeyboy out of their bondage. Ari sits astride monkeyboy and slaps him in the balls while Jade starts to undress Amber, they are enjoying humiliating the couple! Eventually the Harley’s untie their victims and tell them to get downstairs – this is turning into a birthday to remember for monkeyboy…


15 Dec 2017


Amber and monkeyboy are on the bed waiting for Ari and Jade to change into their costumes for what monkeyboy believes is a fancy-dress party – the 2 girls enter the room, both are dressed as Harley Quinn from the film Suicide Squad, and they are not happy! They want to know why Amber and her boyfriend are not in comic-book costumes as that is the theme for the party – there is an argument which the Harley Quinn Twins soon take charge of. To stop Amber and monkeyboy going along in their lame costumes, the dominant pair of girls have soon got them in bondage, laid on the bed so Amber’s smelly bare feet are up by her boyfriends face. They are laughing as Ari dominates Amber, who is gagged and hog-tied as well as blindfold – she struggles and moans, a real Damsel in Distress. Meanwhile, Jade is using rope, saran-wrap, tape and vet-wrap on monkeyboy who she trash-talks about being fat, among other insults, she also uses a magic-wand vibrator to tease her helpless victim.


8 Dec 2017


So, Ari, Jade and Amber are playing with the submissive monkeyboy, rubbing their smelly bare feet all over his face and teasing his cock. Amber says that she must suck Ari’s red-painted toes (she sucked Jade’s in Part 1) and pulls her foot up to her mouth so she can pop her toes into her mouth, she is such a bad girl! Amber even gets 2 sets of toes in her mouth before teasing monkeyboy’s cock through his pants. Next, monkeyboy gets 6 feet in his face, toes over and up his nose, foot smothering and Ari grabs his nipples between her strong toes. The camera passes to Jade so that Amber can sit on monkeyboy’s face and tease his cock and balls before removing his belt and tying his wrists together with it. The rest of the clip includes: cbt, cock-slapping, foot smother and some really sexy toes that you just have to see.


1 Dec 2017


Lucky old monkeyboy has 3 hot British girls, Ari, Jade and Amber, sitting on the couch in front of him – he’s just trying to tell them about the party they are going to later that evening. The girls aren’t really listening and they decide to have some fun with him and before he knows what’s happening, there are 6 stinky bare feet in his face. They are laughing at monkeyboy and he lays down in his usual place, at the feet of beautiful dominant women – Amber grabs the camera to show 30 wriggling toes and 6 soft soles in close-up as they abuse him. There is footstool, foot smothering and forced foot smelling, then the girls suggest a game of ‘who’s feet?’ This entails monkeyboy shutting his eyes and guessing who has their foot in his face from the feel and smell… Amber is in a very naughty mood and goes to stand on monkeyboy’s crotch and tease him by rubbing his cock through his pants. As the girls rub, wipe and pinch the face and nipples of monkeyboy, they chat about their feet, this turns Amber on and she starts to suck Jade’s sweaty toes! This first part of the story ends with toes in monkeyboy’s mouth and some HOM smothering.


24 Nov 2017


So, while monkeyboy drives Ari, she continues to play and tease him with her sexy feet up on his dashboard and in his face. Next Ari makes sweaty footprints on the inside of the windscreen before dropping both feet onto monkeyboy’s leg, but they are soon moved back to his face. She plays with his face and talks about how humiliated he must be while showing great close-ups of her toes wiggling all over his cheek. Ari’s red-painted toes play with monkeyboy’s face as they talk about what she is doing to her foot slave. There are nice views of wrinkled soles and spreading toes as the traffic gets gridlocked – Taking advantage, Ari slaps monkeyboy in the face with her soles. This goes on until Ari gets bored…


17 Nov 2017


So, monkeyboy is driving the beautiful Ari back to his for his birthday celebrations – Ari is bored and has the video camera pointing at her feet, in dirty old trainers and black socks, which are up on the dashboard. She removes the old sneakers to show the damp black socks as she shows them to anyone looking as they go past the car. Next Ari removes her socks just using her long red-painted toes to reveal her hot bare feet and the spider tattoo on one white foot. With both feet bare, Ari plays with her stinky socks and shows her feet off to the world and makes sweaty footprints on the glass. Then she says that she needs to stretch her legs which means her feet are pushed into monkeyboy’s face so he can sniff her toes as they curl around his nose. Ari plays with his face, covers his nose, slaps him, puts a toe in his ear and up his nose! The face abuse continues while monkeyboy drives, unable to do anything else…


10 Nov 2017


Birthday-boy monkeyboy’s treat from his girlfriend Amber continues: she is forcing him to sniff her stinky feet while playing with his cock. She keeps him guessing as her bare feet and hands tease him – she puts his cock in between her toes and her boobs, she even sucks his cock. Amber stands up to abuse her boyfriends crotch with a foot before sitting on his face, then its back to forced foot smelling, worship, kissing and toes in his mouth. As monkeyboy gets excited, Amber roughly rubs and drags her bare soles and long toes across his face, making sure to cover his nose and mouth, forcing him to smell between her sweaty, blue-painted toes. There is also some HOM smothering, extreme foot sniffing, more facesitting and boob smothering.


3 Nov 2017


Sexy blonde Amber has promised monkeyboy a special treat for his birthday, she is wearing a vintage-style bikini with a black silk robe over the top – she shows the camera what her boyfriend has in store before removing the robe and sitting on his face. This is shot gonzo style with the camera moving around, but always close-up – Amber sits down next to monkeyboy for his next part of the treat. One of Ambers smelly bare feet starts to stroke his cock while the other one is pushed into his face, the toes covering his nostrils, so he’s forced to smell in between them. While monkeyboy sniffs for all he’s worth, Amber uses her foot and hand to tease monkeyboy’s cock, making him groan in pleasure. Amber gives a foot-job, hand-job, foot smother and all her tricks to drive monkeyboy wild.


27 Oct 2017


Footslave monkeyboy is laying on the floor at the feet of his girlfriend, Amber West, who has thick black, well-worn, socks on her feet – she puts the damp sweaty socks on his face for him to smell, she says how much they stink as she rubs them over his face. Lucky monkeyboy has a good hard sniff of her socks, especially the extra smelly toe-ends – Amber says he can take a sock off, which he does, to leave one socked foot and one bare foot on his face. The second sock comes off to properly show Ambers sexy soles and long flexible, blue-painted toenails as she toe-smothers her boyfriend and forces him to smell her very smelly feet – the camera is set low, looking up from monkeyboy’s POV and giving a great view of the face trampling he’s getting. Amber shows off her sexy soles to the camera and even gets her boobs out, she is such an exhibitionist! This clip also has some HOM action, foot smothering, teasing, socks in mouth as well as toes in mouth. Remember the toes2nose promise: if it says the feet are smelly, they are! This is the second film from monkeyboy’s birthday weekend shoot… lots more to come…


20 Oct 2017


It was monkeyboy’s birthday when this clip was shot, as an idea of what he had in store for the weekend (more clips to follow!) Sexy Amber arrived after a long hot journey, wearing fur-lined boots and thick black socks on her feet – monkeyboy couldn’t wait to get her boots off and sniff the dirty, damp ¬†socks. She tells him that she has got her feet extra smelly as a birthday treat and monkeyboy reveals plans to go out partying the next day with two of their lady friends, Ari and Jade. The socks come off to show Ambers smelly toes that are painted an electric-blue colour and monkeyboy quickly pushes his nose into them, noting happily that they are really stinky – he’s soon lost in foot-smelling heaven. After a while, Amber takes the camera to give a nice close-up of her long, flexible toes as they rub, cover and grab at her boyfriends nose and mouth. This clip is real hardcore smelly feet sniffing, along with foot smothering, toes pushed into monkeyboy’s mouth and up his nose.