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18 Aug 2017


This is a genuine bts clip of Amber and monkeyboy who have left the camera running while he gives her a much-needed foot rub – Amber has ticklish feet and only trusts monkeyboy and another of her submissives to massage her feet. They talk openly and honestly about this while monkeyboy uses reflexology techniques to relax her and, of course, Amber allows him to also smell her toes and kiss her genuinely smelly soles while he massages. She even allows monkeyboy to put her stinky old flat shoes back on to make her feet smell more as she understands his fetish for sniffing stinky feet – again, this is all 100% genuine! Amber wants to take pictures of her feet in monkeyboy’s face so she makes him sniff them as she does so and she also starts to dominate him more at the end of the clip with more foot-smother than massage – real foot-fetish here, just what toes2nose is known for!


16 Aug 2017


Beautiful Dominatrix Miss L, looking super-cute in her pj’s, sits down next to monkeyboy and puts her smelly bare feet into his face – she loves to dominate and humiliate her foot-slave, and he accepts his fate without question. She puts all 10 red-painted toes over his nose and he sniffs them deeply, then she locks one foot behind his head so she can easily trample his face with her soft and stinky soles. Miss L loves to tease monkeyboy with her little feet as she knows it drives him crazy – he even pulls her feet harder into his face, his foot fetish for his Mistress is so strong. Next, she grabs the camera to give a nice POV shot of her bare feet as they cover his face, she wiggles her toes on his nose and mouth and then pushes them into his mouth, giggling at his helplessness and inability to stop her. When she has had enough, and she knows he is excited and wants more, she leaves him on the couch and goes to bed…


14 Aug 2017


This is the final part of our series with sexy blond Amber abusing her boyfriend, monkeyboy, with her soft but smelly bare soles and long flexible toes. She is rubbing her bare feet all over his face, but then she decides to sit on his face for a while – she has sheer black leggings over her panties and she smothers him, even rubbing her crotch on his nose and mouth until he’s gasping for breath. Amber next uses her pretty soft hands to tease and smother her boyfriend, she massages his face and drives him crazy before putting both feet back to cover his face and slides them around to humiliate her foot-slave foot-stool. Great foot smelling and fetish action shown close-up in these 3 clips.


11 Aug 2017


So, Amber is using monkeyboy’s face as a footrest for her smelly bare feet and teasing him while she does – a big toe is pushed into his mouth and she expertly covers his nose with her sexy long toes as well, so he is forced to smell between them. She loves to move around and find new ways of foot dominating and humiliating him – foot-slaps to the face follow before she clamps a soft sole across his nose and mouth, holding it tightly in place with her hand. Slave monkeyboy gets his nose nipped between her red-painted toes and Amber also does some HOM smothering. Kinky Amber rubs her fingers between her toes to gather foot-stink on them before rubbing her hands all over her boyfriends nose and mouth. She ignores monkeyboy while looking at her emails, but she continues to cover his nostrils with her stinky toes and foot-slaps him for good measure.


9 Aug 2017


Amber is busy on her tablet when monkeyboy comes in and asks if she will rest her feet on his face – she’s very used to her boyfriend’s fetish for her smelly feet and says yes. Her red flats come off and her sexy long toes with red-painted nails are soon covering his mouth and curling around his nose. Even though she has things to do, Amber can’t resist foot dominating her submissive foot-slave and she starts to rub her sweaty soles across his face, she even puts a peach in his mouth to force him to really sniff hard between her toes. Starting to enjoy herself, Amber sits on monkeyboy’s face before foot-smothering him – as usual, this fetish-friendly couple have a camera recording their kinky fun. Toes are forced into monkeyboy’s mouth and smelly soles are dragged across his face as Amber teases him, she also uses her pretty soft hands to smother and puts a finger into his mouth to suck – she is feeling extra naughty tonight…


7 Aug 2017


This clip starts, like all the Stinky Feet Challenge clips, with monkeyboy explaining that he must put up with Jade’s bare feet in his face for 5 minutes – if he can’t take it he will pay out £50 of his own money! The lovely Jade is sitting on the couch behind him and she is wearing her friend Ari’s old flats – they talk about this and how smelly her feet are. Jade takes off first one flat shoe and sniffs it, she tells us how much her feet stink before repeating with her other foot. Then, with the timer running, she puts both her sexy feet in monkeyboy’s face making sure to cover and surround his nose with her gorgeous dark-blue painted toes. Foot-freak monkeyboy takes a big sniff and it’s pretty obvious he loves being forced to smell her cold smelly feet and toes. This goes on for 5 full minutes with Jade talking sexily about her foot stink – when the timer goes off there is no hurry from either of them to stop the foot-smelling humiliation. So Jade didn’t win the challenge but she makes up for it by foot-domming monkeyboy while he reminds the viewers that when these clips are filmed the girl really does get her feet as smelly as she can – only on toes2nose!


4 Aug 2017


Miss L’s Accountant has called on her with the details for her tax return, but she lets him know she is not happy with his work and is going to let him go and do her own bookkeeping from now on. Well the guy starts to say how much he needs her business and will ‘do anything’ to keep it – he then mentions giving Miss L a foot-rub. She laughs and starts to trash-talk him, she even mentions blackmail now she knows his secret fetish. Mr Accountant then admits he has been a foot-slave to dominant ladies before and Miss L says he can be her slave – she sits on the desk and puts her smelly pantyhose feet on him, so he can give her a foot-rub. This goes fine until he gives her foot a kiss! Miss L takes off his glasses and orders him onto the floor under her desk, and under her feet… She sits on a chair and rests her stinky feet on his face, making sure to cover his nose and mouth to give him a good smell, then she starts to rub her damp nylon feet and toes across his face to humiliate him. Mr Accountant asks if she will keep him on now and she says he is on trial for a month and must come over to hers whenever she wants to put her feet on him – she also says she will get her friends over to do the same.


2 Aug 2017


The foot-fun continues as Amber grabs the vidcam to give more of a POV shot as she abuses and teases monkeyboy who has her stinky damp sock tucked into his boxers and her smelly red-painted toes over his nose – she sits on her submissive boyfriend now, so she can cover his face with her soft feet and force him to smell between her toes. Amber cock-teases her boyfriend with one bare foot, and then both sets of toes are stroking his cock and balls, causing him to groan in lust. Moving him around on the floor, Amber face-sits monkeyboy while rubbing his, now-hard, cock with her long toes and then moves again to trample his face with her dirty soles which she shows off to the camera. The clip ends with Amber shoving a grubby bare foot into monkeyboy’s face, her sexy toes arched over his sniffing nose, and squashing his cock and balls with the other foot – this is a very hot video!


31 Jul 2017


Sexy Amber comes home after a day in black nylon leggings and hot, fur-lined, boots to find her submissive boyfriend, monkeyboy, all ready to sample her sweaty feet – he’s even set-up the video camera to film them, so he can enjoy watching the fun over and over again! The boots come off and Amber shows her socked feet to the camera so we can see how shiny with sweat her soles and toes are. She shoves a foot in monkeyboy’s face, covering his nose with her damp toes and he sniffs them loudly, soon both boots are off as she smothers him with her stinky black socks. Amber also drops one foot into his lap and tells him to undo his jeans as she teases him by rubbing his cock with her long toes. One sock comes off and goes into monkeyboy’s mouth before being shoved down the front of his boxers to get him excited for what’s to come next…


28 Jul 2017


Hot British Dominatrix, Miss L, has her foot-slave, monkeyboy, ready and waiting to serve her as she relaxes on the couch. She is wearing super-cute diamond-pattern pink pantyhose and also has on her dirty old slippers, the ones that make her soft little feet extra smelly – she tells monkeyboy how hot and sweaty her feet are, having been in the nylons all day. Miss L pulls off one slipper and holds it over his nose for him to sniff, then she follows it up by curling her stinky nylon toes around his nose, forcing him to take in their strong aroma. Dominant Miss L loves to be teasing and inventive in the ways she forces monkeyboy to smell her feet: both feet cover his face and she moves around to find different ways to humiliate her slave, giving him no choice but to smell her nylon feet as she covers his face and nose with her soles and smelly toes. She grabs the camera to treat us to close-ups of monkeyboy sniffing her feet, and we also get the bonus of some nice up-skirt views of this pin-up Mistress as she teases and abuses a man nearly twice her age.