11 May 2018



Sexy British blonde Amber is relaxing with her feet up, she is wearing hot black boots with socks – monkeyboy asks if he can take them off and smell her feet, she says yes. Of course, monkeyboy sniffs the boots as they come off to show damp, sweat-stained socks which Amber tells him to push his face into – she laughs when the stinky socks are covering his face. When monkeyboy pulls one of the socks off, he says how dirty Amber’s feet are before shoving his nose into her toes. With both socks off, Amber shows the camera just how dirty her soles and toes really are – this is real smelly and dirty foot sniffing! Next, monkeyboy leans his head back and Amber tells him to lick the filth off of her soles, followed by forced foot smelling as red-painted toes curl around his nose. There is foot-slapping, foot-smothering and toes shoved into the submissive monkeyboy’s mouth before Amber stands up to better trample and abuse his face. Amber nips his nose between her strong toes and stands on his balls at the same time, she also pushes a dirty sock into his mouth and then she tells him to massage and smell her feet – this includes toes up the nose and in the mouth of course. When monkeyboy lays down to allow Amber to use him as a footrest, she sits on his face instead and puts a foot on his crutch…


19 Jan 2018


After the game of Twister, Ari, Jade and Amber decide that monkeyboy does actually deserve a birthday treat, so they have him laying in front of them and they all use him as a footstool – of course he loves this and sniffs and kisses the 6 bare soles and 30 smelly toes, lost in foot-fetish heaven. The girls enjoy it too and he gets toes curled round his nose and feet wiped and dragged across his nose (this is all filmed from the girls point of view as they tease and play with his upturned face). This whole clip is real life, the girls know monkeyboy’s fetish only too well and are, fairly, kind to their footrest for a change. Includes foot-sniffing, foot kissing, foot smother and feet on face to ensure monkeyboy remembers his birthday…


12 Jan 2018


The next of monkeyboy’s birthday treats is a game of Twister: Ari is spinning the wheel and filming; Amber and Jade, both barefoot, are playing along with monkeyboy – the game starts and the first few moves are made with no problem. Then Ari calls a move for monkeyboy to put his hand on yellow, monkeyboy says his hand is already there… so Ari changes it to ‘Head on Yellow’ and the fun starts. Jade puts monkeyboy in a head-scissors and next it’s foot on monkeyboy’s face followed by more of the same until he’s being forced to smell 4 stinky feet. Lot’s of trampling and abusing of monkeyboy by Jade and Amber makes Ari keen to join in – she does and now there are 6  sexy bare feet and 30 sweaty toes all over his face, curling round his nose and wiping across his lips. If you like foot smelling, foot-smothering, feet on face and more (plus some face-sitting), you will love this clip.


5 Jan 2018


After playing ‘Guess Who’s Feet’ with monkeyboy, Ari, Jade and Amber have left him blindfolded and laying on the floor, face up, ready for more foot-fun. Jade is first to trample him, she stands on his chest and stomach before moving one bare foot to squash his cock and balls. Ari joins in the CBT while Amber films the action, but she doesn’t wait long before she puts her smelly bare feet on his face and joins in with the ball-busting while monkeyboy tries to identify which of the 6 feet are doing what to him! Victim monkeyboy gets stinky feet to sniff and feet trampling and kicking his balls, then the punching and slapping starts making him cry out in pain. Next the girls get their foot-slave to turn over onto his stomach so Amber can pull her boyfriends boxers down, exposing his bare ass for them to slap with hands and feet. There’s lots of laughing as the 3 girls enjoy his humiliation at being punched, slapped and even wedgied!


31 Dec 2017


After their bondage ordeal (previous 2 clips), Amber and monkeyboy are talking about how crazy Ari and Jade are, when they walk in, both still dressed as Harley Quinn – they apologise for tying up Amber… and blame it all on monkeyboy! So, Amber joins in with the other two, the idea being they will play a little game with monkeyboy, of course, this will involve their foot-slave having smelly feet in his face which he has to, ‘Guess Who’s Feet’ they are. Poor monkeyboy is blindfold and then gagged with Jade’s dirty socks while Ari takes off her boots to reveal that her black fishnets are footless. The rules are: monkeyboy gets a stinky bare foot in his face so he can sniff the toes, he has to say which girls foot it is, if he gets it wrong, he gets foot-slapped. Well, monkeyboy is an expert foot smeller and he gets the first 3 feet correctly matched to the girl, much to their annoyance. What follows is a lot of foot-sniffing fun along with a lot of punishment for you-know-who.


22 Dec 2017


So, Ari and Jade, both dressed as sexy Harley Quinn, are busy putting Amber and monkeyboy into bondage so they can’t go to the party. Jade pulls pantyhose over monkeyboy’s head while Ari finishes hog-tieing Amber who is struggling against the ropes, a real Damsel in Distress. After humiliating them both some more, the Harley Quinn Twins tie Amber’s stinky bare feet to monkeyboy’s face, making sure her smelly toes are over his nose, and then leave for the party while their victims can only struggle helplessly… Some time later, Ari and Jade return having had a few drinks: they want to play some more before letting Amber and monkeyboy out of their bondage. Ari sits astride monkeyboy and slaps him in the balls while Jade starts to undress Amber, they are enjoying humiliating the couple! Eventually the Harley’s untie their victims and tell them to get downstairs – this is turning into a birthday to remember for monkeyboy…


15 Dec 2017


Amber and monkeyboy are on the bed waiting for Ari and Jade to change into their costumes for what monkeyboy believes is a fancy-dress party – the 2 girls enter the room, both are dressed as Harley Quinn from the film Suicide Squad, and they are not happy! They want to know why Amber and her boyfriend are not in comic-book costumes as that is the theme for the party – there is an argument which the Harley Quinn Twins soon take charge of. To stop Amber and monkeyboy going along in their lame costumes, the dominant pair of girls have soon got them in bondage, laid on the bed so Amber’s smelly bare feet are up by her boyfriends face. They are laughing as Ari dominates Amber, who is gagged and hog-tied as well as blindfold – she struggles and moans, a real Damsel in Distress. Meanwhile, Jade is using rope, saran-wrap, tape and vet-wrap on monkeyboy who she trash-talks about being fat, among other insults, she also uses a magic-wand vibrator to tease her helpless victim.


8 Dec 2017


So, Ari, Jade and Amber are playing with the submissive monkeyboy, rubbing their smelly bare feet all over his face and teasing his cock. Amber says that she must suck Ari’s red-painted toes (she sucked Jade’s in Part 1) and pulls her foot up to her mouth so she can pop her toes into her mouth, she is such a bad girl! Amber even gets 2 sets of toes in her mouth before teasing monkeyboy’s cock through his pants. Next, monkeyboy gets 6 feet in his face, toes over and up his nose, foot smothering and Ari grabs his nipples between her strong toes. The camera passes to Jade so that Amber can sit on monkeyboy’s face and tease his cock and balls before removing his belt and tying his wrists together with it. The rest of the clip includes: cbt, cock-slapping, foot smother and some really sexy toes that you just have to see.


1 Dec 2017


Lucky old monkeyboy has 3 hot British girls, Ari, Jade and Amber, sitting on the couch in front of him – he’s just trying to tell them about the party they are going to later that evening. The girls aren’t really listening and they decide to have some fun with him and before he knows what’s happening, there are 6 stinky bare feet in his face. They are laughing at monkeyboy and he lays down in his usual place, at the feet of beautiful dominant women – Amber grabs the camera to show 30 wriggling toes and 6 soft soles in close-up as they abuse him. There is footstool, foot smothering and forced foot smelling, then the girls suggest a game of ‘who’s feet?’ This entails monkeyboy shutting his eyes and guessing who has their foot in his face from the feel and smell… Amber is in a very naughty mood and goes to stand on monkeyboy’s crotch and tease him by rubbing his cock through his pants. As the girls rub, wipe and pinch the face and nipples of monkeyboy, they chat about their feet, this turns Amber on and she starts to suck Jade’s sweaty toes! This first part of the story ends with toes in monkeyboy’s mouth and some HOM smothering.


10 Nov 2017


Birthday-boy monkeyboy’s treat from his girlfriend Amber continues: she is forcing him to sniff her stinky feet while playing with his cock. She keeps him guessing as her bare feet and hands tease him – she puts his cock in between her toes and her boobs, she even sucks his cock. Amber stands up to abuse her boyfriends crotch with a foot before sitting on his face, then its back to forced foot smelling, worship, kissing and toes in his mouth. As monkeyboy gets excited, Amber roughly rubs and drags her bare soles and long toes across his face, making sure to cover his nose and mouth, forcing him to smell between her sweaty, blue-painted toes. There is also some HOM smothering, extreme foot sniffing, more facesitting and boob smothering.