27 Oct 2017


Footslave monkeyboy is laying on the floor at the feet of his girlfriend, Amber West, who has thick black, well-worn, socks on her feet – she puts the damp sweaty socks on his face for him to smell, she says how much they stink as she rubs them over his face. Lucky monkeyboy has a good hard sniff of her socks, especially the extra smelly toe-ends – Amber says he can take a sock off, which he does, to leave one socked foot and one bare foot on his face. The second sock comes off to properly show Ambers sexy soles and long flexible, blue-painted toenails as she toe-smothers her boyfriend and forces him to smell her very smelly feet – the camera is set low, looking up from monkeyboy’s POV and giving a great view of the face trampling he’s getting. Amber shows off her sexy soles to the camera and even gets her boobs out, she is such an exhibitionist! This clip also has some HOM action, foot smothering, teasing, socks in mouth as well as toes in mouth. Remember the toes2nose promise: if it says the feet are smelly, they are! This is the second film from monkeyboy’s birthday weekend shoot… lots more to come…


20 Oct 2017


It was monkeyboy’s birthday when this clip was shot, as an idea of what he had in store for the weekend (more clips to follow!) Sexy Amber arrived after a long hot journey, wearing fur-lined boots and thick black socks on her feet – monkeyboy couldn’t wait to get her boots off and sniff the dirty, damp ¬†socks. She tells him that she has got her feet extra smelly as a birthday treat and monkeyboy reveals plans to go out partying the next day with two of their lady friends, Ari and Jade. The socks come off to show Ambers smelly toes that are painted an electric-blue colour and monkeyboy quickly pushes his nose into them, noting happily that they are really stinky – he’s soon lost in foot-smelling heaven. After a while, Amber takes the camera to give a nice close-up of her long, flexible toes as they rub, cover and grab at her boyfriends nose and mouth. This clip is real hardcore smelly feet sniffing, along with foot smothering, toes pushed into monkeyboy’s mouth and up his nose.


27 Sep 2017


When sexy Amber finds her boyfriend, monkeyboy, snoozing on the couch after lunch, she grabs the video camera and decides to have some fun by putting her smelly bare feet in his face – she uses her long toes and soft soles to foot smother him on this typical Sunday afternoon. The filming is real gonzo style as she records great close-ups of her red-painted toes spreading and wiggling across his nose and mouth, giving him no choice but to sniff her stinky foot aroma. Lucky monkeyboy plays along with his dominant girlfriend as her toes are pushed up his nose and into his mouth in this real foot fetish clip.


22 Sep 2017


This clip opens with monkeyboy laying on the floor with Ambers smelly bare feet in his face and she’s abusing her submissive boyfriend by rubbing, slapping, foot-smothering and forcing him to smell between her red-painted toes. She loves to tease him, it turns her on too and she rubs her pussy (she is not wearing any panties). Foot-slave monkeyboy is in fetish heaven as he sniffs between her sexy long toes and kisses her bare soles, he also sucks her toes when she pushes them into his mouth. This is a typical evening with Amber filming his foot domination in close-up – he doesn’t complain, but then who would?


13 Sep 2017


Following on from the previous clip, monkeyboy is happily smelling Ambers stinky bare feet – she holds her long toes right across his nostrils so he gets the full stink from between them. When monkeyboy says he is getting hard from smelling her feet, Amber tells him to kiss her soles before moving one foot to his crutch to tease and rub his cock. She also takes the camera to get a better view and she pulls down monkeyboy’s pj bottoms so her bare foot can get to his cock and balls better. Lucky slave monkeyboy gets a foot-job and even a hand-job as he’s teased and edged by Amber – he knows she won’t let him come until the next day. He strokes his hard cock for a while as Amber uses her feet on him, just loosely curling her smelly toes right around his nose to drive him crazy with the aroma. Next Amber uses the toes on both feet around monkeyboy’s cock to control and own him as he’s lost and helpless to resist. A foot goes back in his face while the other strokes his hard cock, then, to finish the clip, Amber stands over monkeyboy and tramples his face with her sexy soles, grabbing at his features with her strong toes.


11 Sep 2017


Sexy Amber is relaxing on the couch in her green silk pj’s and checking emails when her boyfriend, monkeyboy, comes and asks if he can get her bare feet in his face – she says yes, and as soon as he is on the couch she puts her stinky feet in his face and rubs them across his nose and mouth. Submissive monkeyboy starts to sniff her red-painted toes and say how soft and smelly they are – Amber lets him put her feet just where he wants them, laying her long toes right across his nose. This is a real stinky feet smelling session, you can hear monkeyboy sniffing loudly as they talk about his fetish which makes Amber smile as she indulges and humiliates him at the same time. Amber loves to play to the camera and she moves to sit on the floor to give her a better angle to foot-smother monkeyboy who is in foot-fetish heaven. They talk openly and honestly about foot fetish and monkeyboy’s love of really stinky feet to sniff, and his addiction to Ambers soles and toes. After a while Amber starts to foot-dominate monkeyboy and slaps him across the face with her feet, she also pushes her toes up his nose to tease and humiliate him. When monkeyboy asks for a foot on his cock he’s told off as Amber likes to be in charge and decide what’s going to happen… she doesn’t say no though…


14 Aug 2017


This is the final part of our series with sexy blond Amber abusing her boyfriend, monkeyboy, with her soft but smelly bare soles and long flexible toes. She is rubbing her bare feet all over his face, but then she decides to sit on his face for a while – she has sheer black leggings over her panties and she smothers him, even rubbing her crotch on his nose and mouth until he’s gasping for breath. Amber next uses her pretty soft hands to tease and smother her boyfriend, she massages his face and drives him crazy before putting both feet back to cover his face and slides them around to humiliate her foot-slave foot-stool. Great foot smelling and fetish action shown close-up in these 3 clips.


11 Aug 2017


So, Amber is using monkeyboy’s face as a footrest for her smelly bare feet and teasing him while she does – a big toe is pushed into his mouth and she expertly covers his nose with her sexy long toes as well, so he is forced to smell between them. She loves to move around and find new ways of foot dominating and humiliating him – foot-slaps to the face follow before she clamps a soft sole across his nose and mouth, holding it tightly in place with her hand. Slave monkeyboy gets his nose nipped between her red-painted toes and Amber also does some HOM smothering. Kinky Amber rubs her fingers between her toes to gather foot-stink on them before rubbing her hands all over her boyfriends nose and mouth. She ignores monkeyboy while looking at her emails, but she continues to cover his nostrils with her stinky toes and foot-slaps him for good measure.


9 Aug 2017


Amber is busy on her tablet when monkeyboy comes in and asks if she will rest her feet on his face – she’s very used to her boyfriend’s fetish for her smelly feet and says yes. Her red flats come off and her sexy long toes with red-painted nails are soon covering his mouth and curling around his nose. Even though she has things to do, Amber can’t resist foot dominating her submissive foot-slave and she starts to rub her sweaty soles across his face, she even puts a peach in his mouth to force him to really sniff hard between her toes. Starting to enjoy herself, Amber sits on monkeyboy’s face before foot-smothering him – as usual, this fetish-friendly couple have a camera recording their kinky fun. Toes are forced into monkeyboy’s mouth and smelly soles are dragged across his face as Amber teases him, she also uses her pretty soft hands to smother and puts a finger into his mouth to suck – she is feeling extra naughty tonight…


2 Aug 2017


The foot-fun continues as Amber grabs the vidcam to give more of a POV shot as she abuses and teases monkeyboy who has her stinky damp sock tucked into his boxers and her smelly red-painted toes over his nose – she sits on her submissive boyfriend now, so she can cover his face with her soft feet and force him to smell between her toes. Amber cock-teases her boyfriend with one bare foot, and then both sets of toes are stroking his cock and balls, causing him to groan in lust. Moving him around on the floor, Amber face-sits monkeyboy while rubbing his, now-hard, cock with her long toes and then moves again to trample his face with her dirty soles which she shows off to the camera. The clip ends with Amber shoving a grubby bare foot into monkeyboy’s face, her sexy toes arched over his sniffing nose, and squashing his cock and balls with the other foot – this is a very hot video!