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20 Sep 2017


Jade and monkeyboy are having an evening at home and Jade is feeling naughty, so she’s got the camera running when she shoves her feet, in filthy old flats, into monkeyboy’s face and tells him to take them off. He does as he’s told (monkeyboy wasn’t aware at first that Jade was filming everything, so this clip is almost behind-the-scenes as you will hear their conversation about foot fetish) and Jade puts her smelly toes across his nose and tells him to sniff them. Jade gets very dominant, ordering monkeyboy about, telling him to lick her feet, which he does of course. Next Jade wants her blue-painted toes sucked but monkeyboy wants to keep sniffing them – Jade gets her way naturally, but she does force him to smell between her stinky toes, just what he had begged her for. Jade is enjoying monkeyboy’s submission to her feet and decides to tease him with one foot over his nose, and one stroking his cock through the thin cotton pants he’s wearing. Although monkeyboy now knows he’s being filmed, he’s happy to talk openly about his fetish while his cock is getting hard, Jade is happy to tease him, both of them know there’s not going to be a happy-ending for monkeyboy…


18 Sep 2017


Carrying on from Part 1, Jade is humiliating monkeyboy in a mixed wrestling session, she has him pinned down with a grapevine around his legs and her boobs in his face! Jade is having fun and laughing as she reverse face-sits monkeyboy, holding his head in place with her smelly bare feet, after a good smothering, Jade moves into a reverse head-scissors and then a figure4, pulling monkeyboy’s face into her butt cheeks. Next she sits on monkeyboy’s face again and bounces around a bit before changing to a cross-body press with an armbar that makes him tap-out. Jade is totally dominating monkeyboy now and bending him into a pretzel, after a while she makes him sit-up, traps his arms with her legs, chokes him and slaps him in the balls. Other holds are: neck-stretch, belly smother, reverse face-sitting, a leg lock that includes a foot in the balls, her smelly toes keep finding monkeyboy’s nose, she boob smothers him again and Jade’s cat even joins in and attacks monkeyboy. When monkeyboy tries tickling Jade, she knees him in the balls and then puts him into another armbar – this time with her feet all over his face. When monkeyboy gives up the entire match, Jade rubs his face with her stinky toes as a final act of her dominance.


15 Sep 2017


The lovely Jade has a mat room at home and she offers wrestling and domination sessions – monkeyboy has booked a wrestling match where he hopes to learn some holds, and how to get out of them! Jade is wearing a bright turquoise bikini and, monkeyboy notices, some stinky old flats. It seems Jade has decided to get her feet smelly especially for the submissive monkeyboy – she flips off the flats and shoves her feet in his face, making sure her sweaty toes are covering monkeyboy’s sniffing nose (she knows he stops trying when he’s sniffing stinky feet). Next Jade pushes monkeyboy down onto the mats and reverse face-sits him, her perfect butt swallows up his face and monkeyboy suddenly realises he’s not going to get much of a lesson, more of a beating… Other moves used by Jade are: rear head-scissors, body scissors, foot choke with one set of toes around monkeyboy’s nose, head-scissors with armbar, figure4 scissors, shoulder pin with a grapevine, his arms are pulled back and locked painfully before he’s rolled over and put into a camel-clutch. He is fish-hooked, slapped and punched, then another armbar that allows Jade to rub her smelly soles and stinky painted toes all over his face, giggling as she foot-don’s him.


13 Sep 2017


Following on from the previous clip, monkeyboy is happily smelling Ambers stinky bare feet – she holds her long toes right across his nostrils so he gets the full stink from between them. When monkeyboy says he is getting hard from smelling her feet, Amber tells him to kiss her soles before moving one foot to his crutch to tease and rub his cock. She also takes the camera to get a better view and she pulls down monkeyboy’s pj bottoms so her bare foot can get to his cock and balls better. Lucky slave monkeyboy gets a foot-job and even a hand-job as he’s teased and edged by Amber – he knows she won’t let him come until the next day. He strokes his hard cock for a while as Amber uses her feet on him, just loosely curling her smelly toes right around his nose to drive him crazy with the aroma. Next Amber uses the toes on both feet around monkeyboy’s cock to control and own him as he’s lost and helpless to resist. A foot goes back in his face while the other strokes his hard cock, then, to finish the clip, Amber stands over monkeyboy and tramples his face with her sexy soles, grabbing at his features with her strong toes.


11 Sep 2017


Sexy Amber is relaxing on the couch in her green silk pj’s and checking emails when her boyfriend, monkeyboy, comes and asks if he can get her bare feet in his face – she says yes, and as soon as he is on the couch she puts her stinky feet in his face and rubs them across his nose and mouth. Submissive monkeyboy starts to sniff her red-painted toes and say how soft and smelly they are – Amber lets him put her feet just where he wants them, laying her long toes right across his nose. This is a real stinky feet smelling session, you can hear monkeyboy sniffing loudly as they talk about his fetish which makes Amber smile as she indulges and humiliates him at the same time. Amber loves to play to the camera and she moves to sit on the floor to give her a better angle to foot-smother monkeyboy who is in foot-fetish heaven. They talk openly and honestly about foot fetish and monkeyboy’s love of really stinky feet to sniff, and his addiction to Ambers soles and toes. After a while Amber starts to foot-dominate monkeyboy and slaps him across the face with her feet, she also pushes her toes up his nose to tease and humiliate him. When monkeyboy asks for a foot on his cock he’s told off as Amber likes to be in charge and decide what’s going to happen… she doesn’t say no though…


8 Sep 2017


This second part to the film starts with Ari securing monkeyboy’s cock and balls in the bondage belt she has found and then tying it to keep the tension on. Next Domina Ari climbs up onto the bench and sits astride slave monkeyboy – as she sits high on his chest we get another look at the amazing outfit she is wearing, along with sexy high leather boots with stilleto heels. She face-sits her slave to smother him and nips his nose so he can’t breathe at all, when she does let him gasp in a breath or two it’s mixed with sharp pain as she pulls on the nipple-clamp chain – eventually she does remove the clamps to concentrate his mind on not being able to get a breath. Ari decides to reverse face-sit monkeyboy next and we get to see her amazing butt as his face disappears into it – when she’s had enough, Mistress Ari just leaves and monkeyboy is left alone in the dungeon to ponder what she might do to him another time…


6 Sep 2017


Redhead Goddess, Domina Ari, dressed in pvc and nylon and virtually topless, is in the dungeon and she calls for slave monkeyboy to come and lay on the bench so she can secure his wrists and ankles in the cuffs that are there. She also blindfolds and gags her play-partner before getting a wide leather paddle to slap him with. Along with the pain, Mistress Ari administers a gentle touch and then grabs his balls! A little light pinwheel sensory play is next… followed by some very hard pinwheel play that makes monkeyboy cry out in pain. His nipples are Ari’s next target and ignoring his cries of pain she puts on nipple-clamps and smiles as she pulls the chain connecting them – there’s also sensuous stroking and tickling before she grabs his cock and squeezes it to remind him she is totally in charge of him. The play continues and Ari finds a belt to tie round monkeyboy’s cock and balls…


4 Sep 2017


Victim monkeyboy has taken a seat on the couch after his beating by Jade, but she hasn’t finished with him yet and shoves a stinky bare foot in his face, making sure to cover his nose with her smelly toes – she makes him sniff her feet and orders him onto the floor (she gives the camera to the other girl to film his humiliation). Next it’s face-sitting for the embarrassed monkeyboy, followed by a head-scissor with his face pulled into Jade’s crutch. A figure 4 holds monkeyboy still while she punches him for a long while – monkeyboy is really crying out in pain! Jade makes her punch-bag victim submit and give up completely before reverse face-sitting him and grabbing his balls. There is more ballbusting by her hands and feet for a while and then she sits on top of monkeyboy and covers his face with both her smelly soles. The punishment ends when Jade talks to the camera and poses for it. Again, I must stress that this is a real situation so please forgive the bad lighting, but enjoy watching a real-life fetish evening.


1 Sep 2017


Ok, toes2nose is known for its realism and this first of two clips was totally unrehearsed and has Jade making monkeyboy wrestle her in the lounge while two friends were visiting them! The lighting is not great but Jade’s wish to beat up her mate is 100% full-on – everyone has had a few drinks and Jade has got changed for bed, she’s wearing black lingerie and her glasses which make her look so sexy. She sits on monkeyboy and starts punching him… in the balls! Other ways Jade dominates are: face-slapping with her feet; face-sitting; foot-smelling; foot smothering and face trampling. Carrying on humiliating monkeyboy in front of his friends (you see a girl leave the room to get a drink – yes, it’s that real), Jade slaps, punches and abuses poor monkeyboy, after a reverse face-sit she scissors him again, finally kicking him away in disgust… 


30 Aug 2017


Slave monkeyboy is sitting on the floor watching TV when hot British Dominatrix, Miss L, comes in and stretches out on the couch behind him. As she gets comfortable, her legs go in front of monkeyboy allowing her to put her stinky bare feet in his face. Miss L loves to dominate and humiliate men and she starts by curling her cute toes over monkeyboy’s nose so he’s forced to smell them. She gets into her stride and even though monkeyboy is kissing her feet, she foot-smothers her slave and uses him as a foot rest before shoving her toes in his mouth. The foot-slave to this hot young Mistress just takes the foot smelling and the face trampling, he even supports her feet while she abuses him, wiping her sweaty bare soles slowly across his face. Miss L knows exactly how to tease monkeyboy as he’s been her foot slave for years – she orders him onto the floor in front of her so she can tease him by grabbing his nose with her stinky toes.