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26 Jul 2017


Amber is getting inventive in the ways she gets her boyfriend, monkeyboy, to smell her feet in his drunken sleep, she moves around to find new ways to make him smell and taste her now bare feet. She is laughing and having fun as she puts her soft soles and long stinky painted toes all over his face, especially over his nose and mouth – she moves the camera she has set up to give us close-up views of her toes as they invade monkeyboy’s nose and mouth. The foot in face abuse gets harder as Amber thinks monkeyboy is just pretending to be asleep now, she nips his nose and pushes her toes into his mouth to punish him more.


24 Jul 2017


Sexy Amber finds monkeyboy asleep on the bed and decides to have some fun with him while he sleeps off the beers he’s drunk that evening. She is wearing black fishnet socks on her smelly feet and she soon has them in his face, curling her stinky nylon toes around his nose and rubbing her soft soles all over his face – he mumbles and moans in his sleep, but doesn’t wake up as she abuses and foot smothers him. Amber knows he is a deep sleeper when he’s been drinking and she laughs as she takes advantage of her boyfriend and takes off one sock so her bare sweaty foot can slide around his face, covering his nose with her stinky long toes. The second nylon comes off and she puts them in his mouth while covering his nose with her toes so he’s forced to smell her foot-stink in his sleep!


21 Jul 2017


Answering a late night knock at the door, slave monkeyboy, lets in Domina Ari who has come to session with him – she goes in and sits down, resting her booted feet on a footstool. Ari asks for a glass of wine and checks her tribute from monkeyboy who then removes her high leather boots to show long black socks. She has been riding her horse and her feet are damp and sweaty inside the socks which monkeyboy sniffs and comments on how aromatic they are. After a while, monkeyboy asks if he can remove her socks and she allows him to – he has asked for a foot session and is soon smelling her cold but sweaty bare feet happily. He lowers his head to her feet so she can comfortably foot smother and face trample him while he sniffs between her sexy long toes, happily lost in his foot fetish and worshipping this beautiful young dominatrix in complete bliss, having all his foot fantasies fulfilled as she smiles down on him.


19 Jul 2017


It’s been a hot day and Miss L is relaxing on the couch in a cute t-shirt and boot-type slippers, she calls monkeyboy over and makes him lay on the floor in front of her. She kicks off the old smelly slippers to reveal she has striped socks on which are damp and stinky, she rests her little feet on monkeyboy and treats him to her socked feet in his face, making sure to get her sweaty toes right over his nose. He is used to her teasing and sniffs her feet through the damp socks, he remarks that her feet are more smelly than usual which makes her smile – she enjoys playing with her long-time slave, knowing he is powerless to resist her feet. Miss L peels her socks off and now her soft soles and cute little toes with red nail polish are in his face. Like the good slave he is, sometimes, he happily sniffs away, so strong is his fetish for smelly feet that he accepts the humiliation of being controlled by a girl half his age. Miss L moves the camera for a better view of her sexy feet as she rubs them in his face and holds the stinkiest part, between her toes, across his nostrils – monkeyboy is in foot-sniffing heaven! Miss L is an expert Domme who knows exactly what to do to keep her slave underfoot and humiliated. The clip ends with the foot domination still going on – monkeyboy is going to be her footstool for the rest of the evening…


17 Jul 2017


Slave monkeyboy is driving Jade to see a friend, but she’s bored and starts to film him and then her own feet in socks and old training shoes – she puts them up on the dashboard, not caring if other drivers see her. She undoes the laces and soon her feet are back up on display in her old grey socks – of course, she wants monkeyboy to smell her sweaty sock so she puts one foot up to his nose for him to sniff. Next, Jade takes off her damp socks to show her bare feet with a new dark blue pedicure – her feet are up on the dashboard and windscreen and several drivers look over at her sexy bare feet as they drive past. Of course, Jade wants monkeyboy to smell her stinky toes, so she puts a bare sole against his cheek so he can sniff between her toes. Finally she puts the old sneakers back on her bare feet so they can get even smellier for later in the day…


14 Jul 2017


Hot British Domme, Miss L, has her footslave monkeyboy in his usual place, laid on the floor so she can rest her feet, in nylons and an old pair of slipper-boots on him. She teases monkeyboy, telling him how hot and sweaty her feet are inside the woollen slippers, and how much her feet must smell. Miss L pulls off one boot and shows her damp sole to the camera before resting her foot on monkeyboy’s face, she curls her nylon-covered toes around his nose so he has to take a big sniff. She laughs at monkeyboy, knowing he can’t resist her soft little soles and cute toes, as she teases him and forces him to smell between her toes. The other slipper comes off and now two nylon feet are covering monkeyboy’s face as she foot smothers him – Miss L also holds her old slippers over his nose. This is a great clip for lovers of smelly nylon feet and forced foot smelling.


12 Jul 2017


Ari and Jade, still dressed as sexy schoolgirls, have got monkeyboy laid on the floor in front of them, and they’re using him as a footrest for their stinky bare feet. This is almost a behind-the-scenes clip as all three are discussing fetishes while the girls tease and abuse monkeyboy’s face with their sweaty soles and smelly toes, holding them over his nose and mouth, forcing him to smell them. The atmosphere is relaxed as the girls take their time with the foot domination of their slave, they ignore him when chatting between themselves, but still face trample and foot smother him – monkeyboy is happy to put up with this and he sniffs and kisses their grubby feet, lost in his fetish. Ari and Jade ask monkeyboy if he can tell who’s feet are who’s and he says they do smell different – this prompts the girls to smell each others feet! As the clip ends, Ari and Jade are talking about trying to get their feet to smell as bad as possible… just a typical quiet evening at home for these three…


10 Jul 2017


The foot abuse of a rope-tied monkeyboy continues with Ari on the ropes and Jade foot-slapping his face – when he gets cheeky with the two wrestlers, dressed as schoolgirls and comparing and talking about their smelly bare feet, he suffers more with his face covered in soft soles and sexy toes. Jade demands a foot massage and monkeyboy cheekily says how her feet make him horny – he gets a slap in the balls from Ari for his lack of respect. Trying to appease these two dominant young women monkeyboy starts to talk about his massive foot fetish and happily sniffs and kisses all four of their feet. The girls quiz him about what it is exactly he likes and they have a discussion with him about his fetish as they curl and rub their toes across his nose and mouth. Jade grabs the camera so we get a close-up view of him being indulged and abused at the same time – this is all real guys, you can see that monkeyboy is totally lost in his fetish as the girls use his face as a rest for their stinky bare feet. There is sniffing, sucking of toes and face trampling that leaves monkeyboy blissed-out and fully submissive to these two hot girls just half his age…


7 Jul 2017


Having wrestled, and lost to, both Ari and Jade, monkeyboy is ready to call it a day and go to bed, but the two naughty schoolgirls have other ideas… They grab him and wrestle him to the floor where Jade holds him down with her stinky socked feet on his face wile Ari gets the rope! Slave monkeyboy soon has his wrists tied together and while Ari starts on his ankles, Jade lifts up her sexy short skirt and sits on his face. When Jade releases him from the face-sit, she puts her smelly socks in his face instead, forcing him to sniff them – after a while the socks come off and her sexy bare feet are rubbed all over his nose and mouth. Ari ties a rope gag and fixes it in his mouth, then both girls use him as a footstool  – monkeyboy gets four stinky bare feet and 20 toes covering his face. When monkeyboy tries to escape, he’s dragged back and subjected to forced foot smelling, foot smothering and foot slapping – more rope bondage is applied, there’s more punishment to come…


5 Jul 2017


Now it’s Jade’s turn to take on monkeyboy – and she’s got a surprise for him under her robe… They face up to each other and Jade teasingly removes the tiger-print robe she has on, to reveal the fact that she is completely naked underneath! While monkeyboy stares in disbelief, Jade throws herself at him and pins him down, her naked pussy pushed up into his face – before he can do anything, she moves up and face-sits him properly, with his air cut off he taps out. Next Jade pushes her boobs into his face to smother him again before pulling his head into her head scissors, his face right in her crotch. Other moves include: arm-bar with forced feet sniffing, dragging her smelly bare feet across his nose and mouth, sitting on his back and pulling his arms back while putting feet in his face, trampling, punches, boob smothers, more face-sitting, front and reverse, with monkeyboy’s face buried under her lovely pussy and ass. Jade works him over real good as she scissors and pins, forcing him to smell her stinky feet at every opportunity, she laughs at her victim while grinding her soft soles and sexy toes into his face, even putting a toe right up monkeyboy’s nose. This is a one-off clip – don’t miss it!