18 Oct 2019


Dominant Amber is teasing and humiliating monkeyboy with her smelly bare feet, she’s filmed him on her phone and made him watch it as she uses her hands and feet to stroke his cock. Old monkeyboy is so desperate to smell her toes, he ignores the embarrassment and gives free reign to his foot fetish, sniffing for all he’s worth while Amber foot-smothers and face-tramples him. She takes the camera for a pov view of what she’s making her boyfriend endure while she continues to foot-dominate him, driving him insane with desire as her toes are put all over his nose and lips – this is real humiliation!


11 Oct 2019


Submissive monkeyboy hasn’t seen his sexy girlfriend, Amber, for ages and he is desperate for her feet and will do anything to get them in his face. Amber knows this and has ordered him to be waiting, on the floor, with the camera running to record the humiliation she has planned for him. When she comes in, Amber sits on monkeyboy’s chest and then his face, guaranteed to drive him crazy – she has her favourite old flat shoes and nylon footsies on, both are dirty and sweaty from where she’s been out walking around all day. Amber makes her much older boyfriend remove the flats and while he’s doing so, she tells him that as well as the normal camera, she intends to also record his foot-sniffing humiliation on her phone! Poor old monkeyboy has to agree if he wants her feet to smell and he begs her to put them on his face. Amber places both sweaty nylon soles on his face and he gets to sniff them, not caring about how he looks while she starts to film him in close-up. One foot is then used on his cock to tease him as he pulls off the nylon footsie on the other and holds Amber’s stinky bare toes over his nose, sniffing loudly. Foot-slave monkeyboy is forced to admit he’s been using Amber’s old socks to jerk himself off with and to really humiliate him, Amber shows him the film on her phone while giving him a handjob…


4 Oct 2019


Carrying on from part 1, Ari and Jade are foot-dominating monkeyboy with their smelly bare feet, using him as a footstool as they abuse and punish their slave. Lots of bare feet and toes in the face, forced sniffing, smothering and humiliation from the dynamic duo on their last session together…


27 Sep 2019


Before the lovely Jade retired from the scene, her and Ari decided to visit monkeyboy for one last time, the dynamic duo wanted to foot-dominate and humiliate their old slave and give him a foot session to remember. This actually started off as a private session, but we all know monkeyboy loves the camera… The girls had him in his usual place, laying on the floor under their stinky feet – Jade was wearing old flats with nylon footies inside, while Ari went for old training shoes and dirty white socks. Submissive monkeyboy was treated to forced foot smelling, foot smothering, feet on face and trampling, along with some punishment to his cock and balls as the dominant girls chatted and laughed. Both this clip, and part 2, are classic Ari and Jade, sadly there will be no more!


20 Sep 2019

Gallery Update – Amber Sweaty Summer Soles

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13 Sep 2019

GALLERY UPDATE – Stinky White Socks

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6 Sep 2019


Top-class wrestler, Inferno, is using monkeyboy to show how, certain wrestling holds, if held on while your opponent is trapped and unable to escape, can be extra humiliating – she’s just let him out of a reverse head-sit and now wants to show hold number four. She makes monkeyboy roll onto his back and lift his knees us, so she can use him as a human couch with built-in footrest, i.e. his face. Inferno sits on her demo-doll, monkeyboy, who is complaining this isn’t a proper wrestling move – he’s told it’s a pin with foot-smother and he’s going to be in it for a full 3 minutes. Ignoring the desperately sniffing and smothered monkeyboy, Inferno looks at her phone while relaxing and abusing his face with her dirty and smelly bare feet, she even slips a toe up monkeyboy’s nose to really humiliate him. The fifth move used is a combination of a head-lock between Inferno’s long pale-skinned legs with the added fun of a bare foot in the face for monkeyboy. While holding her opponent down, Inferno takes hold of the camera for some great close-ups of her sexy feet and toes all over monkeyboy’s face – she forces him to sniff and smell her foot-stink for maximum humiliation. The sixth and final hold is another example of foot-smothering: this time monkeyboy is pushed back against the wall and Inferno holds him there by putting both her bare feet up into his face. There’s lots of toes around the nose and bare soles dragged slowly across the face for monkeyboy to bring this session to an end… for now…


30 Aug 2019


Red-haired wrestling beauty, Inferno, wants to show just how humiliating some wrestling holds can be if they are held for a decent time and the victim is trapped and helpless – for this demonstration, she has called on her favourite punch-bag, monkeyboy, to suffer the pain and embarrassment. Hold one is a favourite of Inferno and she puts monkeyboy onto his back and then locks his arm against the joint in a perfect arm-bar. Of course, Inferno can’t help but lock the hold in by putting her grubby bare foot on monkeyboy’s face – she tells him she’s going to hold him down like this for 3 minutes, curling her long purple-painted toes around his nose, as she does so. Old monkeyboy can only sniff in stinky air from between her toes when he gets a chance. Next is a camel-clutch with Inferno turning monkeyboy onto his stomach so she can sit on his back and pull his arms back over her knees. Once she’s got monkeyboy trapped, she slides her dirty bare feet in, under his face and pushes his head down to squash his features against her sweaty soles, she can also curl her long toes over his nose so he’s forced to smell her feet while he’s held motionless for another 3 minutes by the smiling Inferno. Hold number three is a reverse head-sit that starts with a face-down monkeyboy, then Inferno sits high up on his back, facing away from his head and puts her bare feet back under his face – she then sits on his head and locks him down with his nose against her soft soles and wiggling toes for 3 minutes foot-smother and sniff punishment. That’s part 1 finished!


23 Aug 2019


Sexy fetish secretary Ari, is having problems with the wiring to her printer and, as she is the boss’s secretary, repairman monkeyboy has been told to fix the problem without stopping her working. He turns up at her private office and explains that he needs to work on the floor, under her desk, but she can carry on working and ignore him. Ari says ok to this and he lays down on his back under the desk and at her feet – Ari is wearing tight black pvc leggings and stiletto heels with bare feet. The secretary asks if it’s ok to rest her feet on him while she finishes an important report and monkeyboy says that’s fine, so he gets the sharp heels put on his chest as she crosses her legs and uses him as a footstool! It seems the dominant Ari may have heard about the repairman’s foot fetish from the other girls in the office and decided to have some fun at his expense… ‘Do you mind if I get more comfortable and take my shoes off?’ she asks and, of course, monkeyboy agrees – she kicks off the heels to show ┬áher long sexy toes which have a dark purple nail polish on them. It’s only moments before her sweaty bare feet are on monkeyboy’s face, the wiggling toes covering his lips… and then his nose! Ari uses the submissive monkeyboy as a footstool and wipes her wrinkled soles across his face and uses her stinky toes to abuse and smother him – he says nothing as he doesn’t want to lose his job. There’s foot-smother, face trampling, forced foot-smelling and nose nipped between toes for quite some time before the repairman is allowed to come out from under the secretary’s desk…


16 Aug 2019


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