17 May 2019


Now it’s time for Domina Ari to have her fun with monkeyboy who comes to sit next to her on the couch – she tells him to be quiet and he tries but then laughs which gets him a foot slap in the face. Ari follows this up by resting both her bare feet up on his face, so he has to smell them, to make sure he is, one set of dark red-painted toes grip his nose, covering it completely. Ari has very long toes and she uses them to knead and grip her slaves features while telling him she’s going to make his face smell like her sweaty feet. Submissive monkeyboy asks if Domina Ari has worked out today to which she answers, yes, so sniff my stinky gym feet. Ari rubs and grinds her soles into monkeyboy’s face and makes sure her toes are never far from his nose, she even pushes a little toe up into his nostril. There’s face crushing between Ari’s strong feet and toes in the eyes and mouth for monkeyboy, he also gets forced to sniff the top of her foot, right between the toes. After some foot smothering and soles slapped across his head, monkeyboy is ordered to lay on the floor so that Ari can use her toes to block his nose and then pinch his nipples painfully. Next, Ari nips his nose shut between two toes before trying to shove her whole foot into monkeyboy’s mouth, making him gag. Finally, after more face abuse, Ari stands on the side of her foot-slaves head and then sends him away to get her a drink.


10 May 2019


Mistress Jade is ready for bed in a cute one-piece and old shoes, she calls for foot-slave monkeyboy and tells him to lay in front of her, with his head up on a footstool. Jade tells monkeyboy he is going to help stop her boredom and swings her feet up onto his chest so she can dangle the dirty old shoes right by his face. Jade dangles a shoe right over his nose and makes monkeyboy smell where her hot foot has been inside it before kicking it off and curling her toes around his nose to sniff. The second shoe follows the same way and monkeyboy thanks Mistress Jade for getting her feet extra stinky for him to smell. Jade is an expert at teasing with her soft soles and pretty painted toes and she rubs one foot gently on the very tip of monkeyboy’s nose before telling him to lick her sole. She also pushes her toes into submissive monkeyboy’s mouth and drags her feet across his face while making him worship them. Next, monkeyboy gets his face trampled and a little toe pushed up into his nose to humiliate and dominate him, followed by some playing toes that walk all over his nose and lips and then curl around his nose so he’s forced to smell between them. Jade chokes her slave and puts a foot in his mouth before ordering him to lay down on the floor so she is sitting above his head and can rest both her sexy bare on him and also curl toes over his nostrils to cut off his air. Dominant Jade continues the face abuse until she’s had enough and sends monkeyboy away, out of her sight.


3 May 2019


Having put monkeyboy into bondage, the 2 girls are relaxing with their feet on their human foot-rest and chatting away happily – when monkeyboy tries to join in, he gets a slap to remind him of his place. Jade spreads her stinky toes across his nose and when monkeyboy pays her a compliment he only gets more pain. Great views of Jade’s bare soles and toes, plus Ari’s nylon-covered feet as they torment and laugh at their humiliated play-thing. Both doms punch and slap monkeyboy and then Jade goes to get a vibrator, which Ari tries out on Jade’s crotch! Next they turn to their captive and abuse his head, face and nipples with the vibrator, laughing more and more at his suffering. There’s lots of forced toe smelling, both bare and nylon for monkeyboy, along with some small-penis humiliation – you can tell that both girls are really enjoying themselves. Finally, the vibrator is trapped inside monkeyboy’s plastic-wrap bondage so that it’s resting on his cock and balls before the girls go off and leave him.


26 Apr 2019


If you watched the last 2 clips, you know that the beautiful Ari, and the sexy Jade, are bored – well now, the 2 hot girls have decided to have even more fetish fun with monkeyboy. We see that they have put him into plastic-wrap bondage and have him on the bed: Jade, wearing a dark red leotard and flats, jumps onto him and is quickly joined by Ari, wearing a black one-piece and pantyhose. The girls, who are in a fun mood, look down at their helpless victim and verbally abuse him before they start the torment with some nipple pinching. Both these dominant women know about monkeyboy’s foot fetish and soon have their smelly feet in his face, holding their stinky toes across his nose so he’s forced to sniff them. Slave monkeyboy gets slapped in the balls and punched, he tries to joke with them and gets Jade’s toes shoved into his mouth. Then, they trample and foot-smother the helpless monkeyboy before using him as a footrest. 


19 Apr 2019


Ari and Jade are punishing monkeyboy with their smelly feet because he won’t change the music he’s listening to: we re-join the action as Jade has both her bare soles on his face, and Ari is using her filthy socks to torment him. When Jade curls her toes right around his nose and asks how they smell, foot-sniffer monkeyboy says, not too bad which prompts Ari to sniff Jade’s toes as well (very hot!). Next, Ari peels off one of her sweaty sox so she can surround monkeyboy’s nose and force him to smell her sexy long toes also. Both girls are having fun now as they use one bare sole each to smother monkeyboy as well as covering his nose with stinky flexing and spreading toes. When Ari removes her other sock, she sniffs her own foot before both girls foot-slap their victim. Jade likes to rub the ball of her foot back and forwards on the end of monkeyboy’s nose to tease him and then push a toe right up his nose. Ari’s favourite move is to grab monkeyboy’s nose with her strong toes, before both girls foot-smother him until he gives in and agrees to change the music.


12 Apr 2019


Foot-slave monkeyboy is listening to music when Ari and Jade come to join him on the couch – they don’t like his choice of songs and, as he won’t change them, they decide to torment him with their feet. First, Jade, who’s wearing a summer dress with old flat shoes and nylon footsies, puts her feet on him and makes him smell the stinky shoes. When monkeyboy says they smell bad, Ari has a sniff too, just to make sure they really stink! Then, Ari, who’s in workout clothes and training shoes with socks, puts her feet up on monkeyboy too and they both trample his face. Jade pops a heel on one foot and forces monkeyboy to smell between the old shoe and the unwashed footsie. Then, wanting to join in the fun, Ari removes one sneaker to show just how filthy her sock is, it has a black footprint on the sole and she puts it right over monkeyboy’s nose, as well as making him sniff inside the sweaty shoe. Jade has a sniff of Ari’s socked foot too, and the girls chat about how their feet stink, before Jade takes off the other flat and Ari takes off her other sneaker as well. Now monkeyboy has 4 smelly feet in his face with his tormentors taking turns to rub the socked and nylon toes all over his face, as well as push his head around. Next, Jade takes the damp footsies off and makes monkeyboy smell and taste them before she puts a bare foot on his face with the toes right around his nose. The first part of the video ends here, but the girls aren’t finished yet…


5 Apr 2019


We find monkeyboy dozing on the bed, when suddenly the door bursts open and a female figure, dressed all in black and carrying a gun, comes in and tells him to shut up as she’s going to rob him! While the cat burglar (played by Amber West) is looking around for valuables, she finds an interesting bag full of nylons and bondage gear – she decides to tie her victim up. First, she gags monkeyboy with some stockings and notes they are unwashed and smelly, so she guesses that he has a foot fetish and pushes him down with her foot which is in old flat pumps. After tying monkeyboys wrists and ankles, the burglar sits on him and asks where he keeps his cash, but he’s not telling, so she kicks off her shoes and puts her sweaty bare feet in his face to force him to give up the information. The robber puts a her red-painted toes right over monkeyboys nose so he has no choice but to smell them – he tells her where his credit cards are as he’s getting lightheaded from the stink. To make him tell her more, the burglar holds his head down with one foot while teasing his cock with the other – this gets monkeyboy to say how smelly her feet are, and how soft and sexy too. As well as the forced foot smelling, monkeyboy gets face-sat and HOM smothered too… looks like he’s enjoying the situation! Finally he tells the burglar where his cash is and she goes off to find it, leaving monkeyboy helpless and in bondage, unable to stop her.


29 Mar 2019



We rejoin the forced smelly feet sniffing as Amber covers monkeyboy’s face with both grimy bare soles and teases his nose with 10 red-painted toes – she really enjoys driving her boyfriend crazy by pushing his head around and covering his nostrils. Lucky monkeyboy gets foot and toe-smothered, his face is trampled and used as a footrest by the dominant Amber. After a while, Amber takes the camera so we get to see things from her POV as she plays with monkeyboy’s face, then she moves and sits on him so she can put a foot on his face with his nose between her stinky toes. Next, she stands over him so her toes can curl around his sniffing nose from the side and she can face trample the submissive monkeyboy. Amber shows her wrinkled soles to the camera before continuing to put her feet and hands all over monkeyboy’s face until she gets bored and leaves him laying on the floor.


22 Mar 2019



We are looking up from the ground with the camera close to monkeyboy’s face in this clip, his girlfriend, Amber, sits above him and puts her smelly feet all over his face – she starts off in flat shoes with nylon footsies, both are well-worn and unwashed. Amber kicks off one shoe and rubs her nylon foot across monkeyboy’s nose so he can smell the sole and, especially, the toes inside the black fishnet. When she removes the second shoe, she holds it tight over monkeyboy’s nose to let the stink invade his senses before taking off a footsie and dragging it across his nose also. The loudly sniffing monkeyboy is treated to one bare foot and one nylon covered foot while Amber takes pictures of his foot-humiliation on her phone. Amber shows the camera her soft white soles and red-painted toes in close-up, so we get the view that monkeyboy has, before using her toes to tease and abuse his nose by nipping it shut. There is great foot and toe-smothering as she spreads and flexes her sexy long toes, grabbing at monkeyboy’s face like fingers. We can see that Ambers feet are grubby on the bottom where she’s been walking around barefoot – she holds them up to the camera as this first part of our video ends…


15 Mar 2019



So, Amber is rubbing her dirty, stinky feet all over monkeyboy’s face so he has to smell them… and this is to thank him for saving her when she got stranded after a night out! Her white-skinned bare feet and red-painted toes have been sweating in her old Converse sneakers all day, but now she is airing them out on her boyfriends face as they chat. Amber moves her feet around around on monkeyboy’s face, using her spreading toes on his nose and mouth especially – lots of nice close-ups to enjoy while she looks at her phone and ignores her toe-sniffing boyfriend. If you like real stinky feet sniffing, you will love these 2 clips.