28 Jun 2017


Ari and Jade, still dressed as schoolgirls after a fancy dress party, have thrown monkeyboy out of his bedroom and are now sitting together on the double bed, they have both been drinking and are getting friendly with each other. Jade asks Ari if she would like a foot-rub and she says yes, so Jade pulls her best friends bare feet onto her lap and starts to massage them – she even has a sniff of Ari’s feet and they both giggle. Then Ari asks if she can return the favour and when Jade agrees she peels off the long grey socks that her friend is wearing and starts to rub her bare feet – she also has a sneaky sniff of Jade’s bare toes as she’s playing with them. After the massage Ari gets out some rope and asks Jade if she can practise her bondage skills on her by putting her in a hog-tie, Jade is unsure but Ari talks her into it and makes her friend lay face-down on the bed. Ari starts by tying Jade’s knees together and then, with the same rope, her ankles – laughing and being playful, Jade manages to get her smelly bare feet into Ari’s face a couple of times (very hot!) Next, Ari gets a second rope to tie Jade’s wrists together and then link them to her ankles to put her into a classic hog-tie, which Jade is none too sure about and she struggles against her bondage. All the effort of tying her friend up, along with the alcohol, has made Ari sleepy, so sleepy that she lays down next to Jade and actually falls fast asleep! This leaves Jade helpless and calling for someone to let her out… (This is not the usual content for t2n, but I’m positive you guys will enjoy the girl/girl action from these two super-sexy babes). 


26 Jun 2017


So, our two ‘schoolgirls’, Ari and Jade, have been out to a fancy dress party and now monkeyboy, sitting on his bed, can hear them laughing drunkenly as they come up the stars. The girls burst into his room and demand he leaves as they want his room for the night – when he says no, the girls push him down onto his back and start to abuse and dominate him. Poor old monkeyboy gets sat on, scissored, foot smothered, hand smothered, punched (hard!) and smothered under a pillow! Ari has old black fishnets on, while Jade has over-the-knee socks – of course, monkeyboy is forced to sniff their smelly feet as they rub their feats over his face. The BDSM punishment continues as the girls get more and more excited about hurting their foot-slave, he gets subjected to: being gagged, smothered, trampled, vicious punches to his arms and legs, nipple-twisting, slapping with hands and shoes and a final head scissor by Jade that makes me submit and leave the two naughty schoolgirls alone on the double bed…


23 Jun 2017


Super-hot wrestlers, and dominatrix, Ari and Jade are with monkeyboy to do a double stinky feet challenge where he has to put up with both pairs of stinky feet in his face for 10minutes – if he can’t there’s a cash prize, out of his own pocket! You’ll see immediately that the girls are both in school girl uniform: white shirts, tartan skirts, their hair in cute bunches and both wearing smelly old shoes with socks. Both girls have taken the stinky feet challenge before, on their own, so they have prepared their feet to be as sweaty and smelly as possible. They are also wearing unwashed socks inside battered old flats (Ari) and well-worn running shoes (Jade) – The time starts and the shoes come off and socked feet are pushed into monkeyboy’s face with damp stinky toes all over his nose. His verdict after smelling them for a while: not bad! Jade takes her old black socks off, while monkeyboy lays on the floor at the 2 girls feet, however, it’s Ari who treads on the human footstool first, giving their victim the benefit of her stinky toes right under his nose. Then it’s Jade’s cold bare feet in monkeyboy’s face, although he soon says he has no problem sniffing them – Jade can’t believe it and offers a foot up to Ari’s face. Ari sniffs Jade’s toes, followed by Jade sniffing Ari’s sexy long toes! (So Hot!). Next monkeyboy gets 4 feet and 20 toes all over his face and around his nose to smell – still no problem says the stinky feet fetish slave. The girls also talk about their feet and compare them while laughing and messing around, totally ignoring their footstool at times. When they do start on monkeyboy again, both girls force toes right up into his nose – so humiliating! Ari and Jade love to wrestle and play as a team and they always egg each other on – monkeyboy finds this out firsthand as he gets Ari’s little toe up one nostril and Jade’s little toe up the other!


21 Jun 2017


The final part of monkeyboys hotel session with Ari is 22minutes of Full HD video mixed femdom wrestling finds him continuing to suffer at the hands, and feet, of this very experienced and strong young woman. This clip contains: Head scissors, both feet-in-the-face smothering, forced stinky feet sniffing, nose-pinching between the toes, foot-slaps, head pulled into the crutch scissors. Poor old monkeyboy is throughly dominated and humiliated throughout, Ari delights in pushing her smelly bare feet in his face, she expertly curls her sexy long toes around his nose so he has to sniff them. When monkeyboy asks if he can give up and just worship her feet, he is allowed a few minutes to sniff and kiss them as well as have hers toes in his mouth. The rest of the session time sees Ari sitting on monkeyboy with her feet covering his face, pretzel holds that leave his face an easy target for her white-skinned soles and black-polished toes as well as some more scissors and other pain for the ‘victim’ – eventually the alarm goes off to signal the end of the hour and monkeyboy is saved by the bell.


19 Jun 2017


Following on from the previous clip where Ari, a.k.a  knocked monkeyboy out with a rear naked choke, now he knows where he is again, the wrestling session proper starts. The next 16mins of HD film has Ari dominating and humiliating monkeyboy in a very one-sided fight, almost an exhibition of femdom mixed wrestling as she does whatever she likes with him. The holds  include: Arm bars, straddles, schoolboy pins, face-slapping, cbt slapping, loads of foot-in-the-face forced smelling and smothering, choke holds and scissors to the head and body. Ari even uses a pillow to smother monkeyboy and she keeps on punching and slapping her useless and helpless opponent – when monkeyboy dares to slap her butt, he soon gets face-sat, some jiujitsu locks and pressure holds, pretzel holds that tie him in knots and even a wedgie! For a laugh, Ari kicks monkeyboy off the bed and, in the same spirit he launches himself at her – pointless of course and only gets him scissored and tormented by her stinky toes…


16 Jun 2017


Ari has agreed to meet monkeyboy in a hotel for a wrestling session: she’s wearing a cute polka dot bikini along with some filthy fluorescent lime-green socks that have holes in! They start to wrestle on the bed and quickly monkeyboy finds her socked, and stinky, feet in his face – Ari cheerfully tells him she has been wearing them for three straight days… When he gets a chance monkeyboy pulls the socks off and gets two bare smelly feet in his face for his trouble. Ari then gets him into a headscissors and while she takes a breather, she laughs at monkeyboy’s boxers to humiliate him. Next monkeyboy finds himself being smothered under Ari’s boobs – what a life he has eh? This is followed by a classic arm-bar, but Ari cannot resist forcing him to smell her stinky toes while he’s trapped and helpless. Other holds follow, most of which involve monkeyboy having bare white-skinned feet all over his face and curled around his still sniffing nose. Because monkeyboy completely trusts the high-level MMA trained Ari, who also holds a first-aid qualification, he asks her to put him in a rear naked choke and to knock him unconscious. This she does and there’s no acting involved as you’ll see and hear from this special HD clip – a toes2nose first!


14 Jun 2017


Carrying on from part 1 of this story, Amber has monkeyboy under her sexy feet – one foot has its toes curled around his nose, forcing him to smell them, and the other foot is playing in his lap, stroking his cock with her sole and teasing toes. As usual, foot-slave monkeyboy is never satisfied and asks if he will be getting a full foot job – Amber lets him know that she is going to tease and edge him… nothing more! Amber pushes one set of toes into her submissive boyfriends mouth while expertly stroking his cock and tickling his balls with the other foot. There’s foot smothering, socks in the mouth and other fun before Amber decides she’s going to bed – to stop monkeyboy complaining she sits on his face until he stops squirming…


12 Jun 2017


Hot British blonde, Amber West, is relaxing in her emerald green silk pyjamas, all ready for bed on her feet are a pair of old black socks – her boyfriend, monkeyboy, sits beside her and tries to persuade her to stay up a little longer. When he mentions the dirty socks she’s wearing, Amber lifts one foot up to his face so he can smell the stinky sock and agrees to let him have her feet for a while before she goes upstairs. Soon both smelly socked feet are in his face and he’s happily sniffing them as she rubs them all over his nose and mouth. Amber takes off one sock so she can treat her submissive boyfriend to her soft soles and long sexy toes as she curls them around his nose, forcing him to smell between them. The other sock comes off and monkeyboy moves so she can foot smother him properly – after a while, Amber decides to be her usual naughty self. One smelly bare foot stays in monkeyboy’s face so he gets to sniff it and the other foot is in his lap, Ambers toes start to stroke his cock…


9 Jun 2017


We’ve just seen British Dom, Miss L, teasing monkeyboy with her stinky old socks, and in that clip he asked if he would be allowed to have her bare feet in his face as well – she has decided he can and very slowly strips off one of the socks and then shoving it in his mouth! We know she loves to tease her foot-slave and this continues as the second sock is also, very slowly, removed and her bare, dark-blue painted toes are put very close to his face to tempt him before her bare feet, smelly from the socks of course, are put onto his face, her toes covering his sniffing nose of course. Miss L is highly amused as monkeyboy is forced to smell between her short sexy toes – he sighs in frustration as she nips and rubs her soft soles and flexible spread toes all over his face, making sure the end of his nose gets plenty of attention from her little white-skinned bare feet. The rest of the clip is shown in close-up as monkeyboy is abused and smothered by this young girls smelly feet.


7 Jun 2017


Dominatrix Miss L has got monkeyboy laid on the floor waiting for her when she comes in, dressed in her distinctive 50’s style, but also wearing a dirty pair of long striped socks which have holes in that allow her cute little toes to poke through – she tells her foot-slave that she’s got a special treat for him and puts the smelly damp socks right on his face. Being the tease she is, she starts to rub her socked feet on his face, forcing him to sniff the soles and especially the toes of the stinky old socks. She expertly teases monkeyboy with the little bare toes that have come through the holes before curling them right around his nose, grinning at his inability to move away because his foot fetish is so strong. Miss L moves around to ensure he gets the full benefit of the smelly toe-parts as she pushes and rubs them all over his loudly sniffing nose. She grins down at him while driving him crazy with her cruel teasing, and his entire face is soon covered in the stink of her dirty socks, seen in close-up in this full HD sock-smelling clip!