27 Oct 2017


Footslave monkeyboy is laying on the floor at the feet of his girlfriend, Amber West, who has thick black, well-worn, socks on her feet – she puts the damp sweaty socks on his face for him to smell, she says how much they stink as she rubs them over his face. Lucky monkeyboy has a good hard sniff of her socks, especially the extra smelly toe-ends – Amber says he can take a sock off, which he does, to leave one socked foot and one bare foot on his face. The second sock comes off to properly show Ambers sexy soles and long flexible, blue-painted toenails as she toe-smothers her boyfriend and forces him to smell her very smelly feet – the camera is set low, looking up from monkeyboy’s POV and giving a great view of the face trampling he’s getting. Amber shows off her sexy soles to the camera and even gets her boobs out, she is such an exhibitionist! This clip also has some HOM action, foot smothering, teasing, socks in mouth as well as toes in mouth. Remember the toes2nose promise: if it says the feet are smelly, they are! This is the second film from monkeyboy’s birthday weekend shoot… lots more to come…


20 Oct 2017


It was monkeyboy’s birthday when this clip was shot, as an idea of what he had in store for the weekend (more clips to follow!) Sexy Amber arrived after a long hot journey, wearing fur-lined boots and thick black socks on her feet – monkeyboy couldn’t wait to get her boots off and sniff the dirty, damp ¬†socks. She tells him that she has got her feet extra smelly as a birthday treat and monkeyboy reveals plans to go out partying the next day with two of their lady friends, Ari and Jade. The socks come off to show Ambers smelly toes that are painted an electric-blue colour and monkeyboy quickly pushes his nose into them, noting happily that they are really stinky – he’s soon lost in foot-smelling heaven. After a while, Amber takes the camera to give a nice close-up of her long, flexible toes as they rub, cover and grab at her boyfriends nose and mouth. This clip is real hardcore smelly feet sniffing, along with foot smothering, toes pushed into monkeyboy’s mouth and up his nose.


13 Oct 2017


Super-hot wrestler Jade is on the bed posing when she calls for monkeyboy to come and entertain her – he comes in wearing what Jade has told hm to, a pair of speedos. She moves to get a good look and grabs monkeyboy’s balls, making him cry out in pain as she throws him onto the bed and starts wrestling him. Sitting on his back, Jade stretches monkeyboy out before pushing his face down into her waiting bare feet. This is a wrestling match with a difference as Jade takes every opportunity to squeeze and bust monkeyboy’s balls as she puts him into all sorts of holds. He gets scissored, pinned, grapevined, kneed in the crotch, face-sat, slapped and humiliated as Jade rubs her smelly bare soles and toes into his face. Eventually Jade has had enough so she makes monkeyboy beg for mercy before she kicks him off the bed and out of her sight.


6 Oct 2017


Slave monkeyboy is saying in an apartment in London for the night and he’s arranged for Mistress Jade to visit for a foot session, it’s mid-summer and Jade arrives in sportswear that includes some very old flat shoes worn with no socks… She calls for monkeyboy and makes him lay on the floor at her feet so she can use him as a footstool, her feet are put in his face and the flats are removed to reveal hot, tired and very smelly feet that go straight onto monkeyboy’s face. Jade has purple painted toenails to show off her cute toes which she soon has across monkeyboy’s nose and mouth – he is told to, ‘Sniff!’, by the dominant Mistress, and he, of course, obeys by sniffing between her sweaty toes. Then Jade starts to wipe her soles across his face, letting her toes linger over monkeyboy’s nose, as she face-tramples him – Jade laughs as she forces her little toe right up into his nose! There’s foot-smothering and face slapping along with foot sniffing and kissing, plus Jade gets her submissive to suck and nibble her feet, enjoying the fact that he is helpless to escape his fetish.


27 Sep 2017


When sexy Amber finds her boyfriend, monkeyboy, snoozing on the couch after lunch, she grabs the video camera and decides to have some fun by putting her smelly bare feet in his face – she uses her long toes and soft soles to foot smother him on this typical Sunday afternoon. The filming is real gonzo style as she records great close-ups of her red-painted toes spreading and wiggling across his nose and mouth, giving him no choice but to sniff her stinky foot aroma. Lucky monkeyboy plays along with his dominant girlfriend as her toes are pushed up his nose and into his mouth in this real foot fetish clip.


25 Sep 2017


Jade is relaxing on the couch when monkeyboy comes in and asks if he can sit beside her – she says, no sit on the floor, which he does, his head next to her bare feet in old flats. Of course, Jade wants to play and she dangles one shoe in front of his face, then both shoes come off and her smelly bare feet are all over monkeyboys face, her sexy blue-painted toes curling around his nose so he has to sniff them. Jade knows that he can’t resist her feet and she slaps, smothers and rubs them all over his face as he excepts his fate, sniffing and kissing her soft soles and wiggling toes. The camera moves closer to give a great view of Jades beautiful, but stinky, bare feet as she plays with submissive monkeyboy, curling her toes around his nose and then gently rubbing them across his nostrils while laughing at how helpless he is, trapped by his fetish. Jade is inventive in how she abuses her foot-boy who sniffs and kisses her feet even when he’s being slapped and choked by them.


22 Sep 2017


This clip opens with monkeyboy laying on the floor with Ambers smelly bare feet in his face and she’s abusing her submissive boyfriend by rubbing, slapping, foot-smothering and forcing him to smell between her red-painted toes. She loves to tease him, it turns her on too and she rubs her pussy (she is not wearing any panties). Foot-slave monkeyboy is in fetish heaven as he sniffs between her sexy long toes and kisses her bare soles, he also sucks her toes when she pushes them into his mouth. This is a typical evening with Amber filming his foot domination in close-up – he doesn’t complain, but then who would?


20 Sep 2017


Jade and monkeyboy are having an evening at home and Jade is feeling naughty, so she’s got the camera running when she shoves her feet, in filthy old flats, into monkeyboy’s face and tells him to take them off. He does as he’s told (monkeyboy wasn’t aware at first that Jade was filming everything, so this clip is almost behind-the-scenes as you will hear their conversation about foot fetish) and Jade puts her smelly toes across his nose and tells him to sniff them. Jade gets very dominant, ordering monkeyboy about, telling him to lick her feet, which he does of course. Next Jade wants her blue-painted toes sucked but monkeyboy wants to keep sniffing them – Jade gets her way naturally, but she does force him to smell between her stinky toes, just what he had begged her for. Jade is enjoying monkeyboy’s submission to her feet and decides to tease him with one foot over his nose, and one stroking his cock through the thin cotton pants he’s wearing. Although monkeyboy now knows he’s being filmed, he’s happy to talk openly about his fetish while his cock is getting hard, Jade is happy to tease him, both of them know there’s not going to be a happy-ending for monkeyboy…


18 Sep 2017


Carrying on from Part 1, Jade is humiliating monkeyboy in a mixed wrestling session, she has him pinned down with a grapevine around his legs and her boobs in his face! Jade is having fun and laughing as she reverse face-sits monkeyboy, holding his head in place with her smelly bare feet, after a good smothering, Jade moves into a reverse head-scissors and then a figure4, pulling monkeyboy’s face into her butt cheeks. Next she sits on monkeyboy’s face again and bounces around a bit before changing to a cross-body press with an armbar that makes him tap-out. Jade is totally dominating monkeyboy now and bending him into a pretzel, after a while she makes him sit-up, traps his arms with her legs, chokes him and slaps him in the balls. Other holds are: neck-stretch, belly smother, reverse face-sitting, a leg lock that includes a foot in the balls, her smelly toes keep finding monkeyboy’s nose, she boob smothers him again and Jade’s cat even joins in and attacks monkeyboy. When monkeyboy tries tickling Jade, she knees him in the balls and then puts him into another armbar – this time with her feet all over his face. When monkeyboy gives up the entire match, Jade rubs his face with her stinky toes as a final act of her dominance.


15 Sep 2017


The lovely Jade has a mat room at home and she offers wrestling and domination sessions – monkeyboy has booked a wrestling match where he hopes to learn some holds, and how to get out of them! Jade is wearing a bright turquoise bikini and, monkeyboy notices, some stinky old flats. It seems Jade has decided to get her feet smelly especially for the submissive monkeyboy – she flips off the flats and shoves her feet in his face, making sure her sweaty toes are covering monkeyboy’s sniffing nose (she knows he stops trying when he’s sniffing stinky feet). Next Jade pushes monkeyboy down onto the mats and reverse face-sits him, her perfect butt swallows up his face and monkeyboy suddenly realises he’s not going to get much of a lesson, more of a beating… Other moves used by Jade are: rear head-scissors, body scissors, foot choke with one set of toes around monkeyboy’s nose, head-scissors with armbar, figure4 scissors, shoulder pin with a grapevine, his arms are pulled back and locked painfully before he’s rolled over and put into a camel-clutch. He is fish-hooked, slapped and punched, then another armbar that allows Jade to rub her smelly soles and stinky painted toes all over his face, giggling as she foot-don’s him.