12 Jul 2019


One of toes2nose’ original model/Mistress, Princess Annalise, was out walking her dog on a hot sunny day, and she decided to visit her old foot-slave, monkeyboy. Naturally, he found himself on the floor in front of her, and she got the camera to film his humiliation, just like the old days. The Princess has flat shoes on, with nothing but her sweaty bare feet inside and she’s expecting monkeyboy to sniff them and let her rub her slim feet and long toes all over his face. She lifts one foot up to his face so he can sniff the shoe, and then take it off to show her gold/pink metallic nails. There’s no hesitation from this dominant woman who grabs monkeyboy’s nose between her stinky toes and laughs when he coughs because of the strong smell. After he’s forced to sniff between her toes, monkeyboy removes the Princess’ other dirty old shoe and promptly gets two big feet on his face, almost covering it entirely! Submissive monkeyboy has toes around his nose to sniff, plus toes pushed into his mouth to gag him – The Princess’ dog comes to see what’s going on, but he can’t save him. Annalise quickly returns to her Mistress ways as she nips monkeyboy’s nose and then grabs his head between her smelly bare feet before kicking and foot-slapping him. Old monkeyboy’s whole face disappears under her soles as she tramples and smothers him, giggling at his embarrassment, before rubbing her feet all over his features and pushing her toes up his nostrils. Once a Mistress, always a Mistress it seems – has monkeyboy just got two more dominant feet back in his life?


5 Jul 2019


Amber is asleep in bed when monkeyboy comes looking for her and he just can’t resist the chance to worship her sleepy feet. He lifts the covers to expose her feet, which we can see are quite dirty – this doesn’t stop him carefully lifting one foot and pushing his face into her soft soles and long toes. Foot-slave monkeyboy starts to sniff and kiss Amber’s bare foot while she sleeps, unaware of what her boyfriend is up to. Both of Amber’s grubby soles are worshipped as monkeyboy pushes his face into her soft soles and his nose between her toes, it’s easy to see how much he loves to sniff and kiss them. As usual, monkeyboy goes too far and wakes Amber up – she is upset with him and decides to punish him. Amber makes monkeyboy sit on the floor so she can sit behind him on the bed and wrap her feet around his face – she pulls his head back and covers his nose and mouth before foot-slapping him. To punish her sneaky boyfriend, Amber puts her long toes over monkeyboy’s nose to cut off his air and then uses her dirty feet to abuse his face – she even holds her own feet against his face with her hands. When monkeyboy tries to get away Amber stops him so he has to sniff her toes until she decides he’s had enough. Finally he apologises and Amber releases him.


28 Jun 2019


Bad-girl Amber is holding one set of stinky toes over monkeyboy’s nose and rubbing his cock with the other dirty bare foot, through his underwear. Then she pushes a foot inside his trunks before she pulls them down and uses both feet to stroke his cock and play with his balls – this leads to a footjob for lucky submissive foot-slave monkeyboy. Amber loves to tease monkeyboy and she knows what really excites him: monkeyboy gets one foot right over his nose and lips while the other foot is up against his balls. Amber also gives him a handjob while forcing him to smell her toes, this has monkeyboy gasping and groaning in pleasure as he gets more and more excited… Does he get to come, or has Amber got something else in mind for him?


21 Jun 2019


Sexy British blond Amber is reading on the couch when her boyfriend, monkeyboy, comes to join her, but he sits on the floor next to her feet in high black lace-up boots – his usual place. He asks if he can take the boots off and Amber agrees but he fumbles the laces so Amber removes one boot while warning him that her socks are going to be smelly. She pushes her sweaty grey-socked foot into his face and he sniffs the stinky, damp sock while she takes off the other boot – now monkeyboy has both of her socks in his face and across his nose. Amber makes sure monkeyboy gets a good smell of her socks and tells him that her feet are going to be dirty too. Then she makes monkeyboy pull one sock off using his teeth and immediately sticks her bare foot on his face, making sure to curl her long toes around his nose. The second sock comes off in the same way and Amber holds her foot up to the camera to show how grubby it is before starting to play with and tease her foot-sniffing boyfriend. She moves to be directly behind monkeyboy while using one of her stinky socks to gag him, before pushing her ass in his face  so she can show her boobs on camera. Amber knows exactly how to drive monkeyboy crazy by pulling her foot back into his face, making sure her long toes are in the perfect place to get the full aroma. As this clip ends, monkeyboy has one foot on his face and the other foot rubbing his cock…


14 Jun 2019


Domina Ari is forcing monkeyboy to smell her stinky feet which are inside a black nylon hood, made from a pair of her dirty pantyhose – the hood ensures that her soles and pink-painted toes are held against his face. Ari is talking about the shoes that make her feet so smelly while monkeyboy is sniffing loudly between her sweaty toes. She likes to tease her foot-slave by moving her feet around, giving him no choice but to smell every part of them, her toes are curled around his nose and even pushed into his nostrils. Ari also foot-smothers monkeyboy and makes him kiss her feet between long bouts of sniffing before foot-slapping his face. Great close-up views of Ari’s white-skinned feet as they abuse monkeyboy’s face and cut off his air supply by covering his nose and mouth. The punishment continues until Domina Ari gets bored and leaves monkeyboy laying with the pantyhose still over his head.


7 Jun 2019


Slave monkeyboy is asleep on the couch when Domina Ari comes in, dressed in a sexy long T-shirt and her favourite old flat shoes – he wakes up when she puts sheer black nylon pantyhose over his head! Ari sits down and puts her feet on monkeyboy’s face, first outside the hood, and then inside so the smelly shoes are right over his face. She rubs the dirty soles all over his face and makes sure monkeyboy gets a good smell of them before removing one foot and popping the heel of the other so he can smell between her bare sole and the well-worn inside of the stinky flat. Ari then pulls her foot out of the hood, but leaves the sweaty shoe inside for monkeyboy to sniff, she teases him and laughs at his helplessness. The camera moves in closer to monkeyboy’s face so we get a nice view of Ari’s pink-painted toes when she pushes a foot back inside the hood and pulls the old shoe down so it covers his nose. Next, the dominant Mistress removes her other shoe and puts her warm, sweaty foot inside the nylon with her toes right over his nose – you can hear the loud sniffing as monkeyboy gets lost in his foot-fetish. Wiggling and spreading her long toes to tease the submissive monkeyboy, Ari puts both bare feet inside the nylon so they are held against her foot-slaves face. Mistress Ari has fun teasing monkeyboy, rubbing her stinky feet around and holding her toes around his nose so he’s forced to smell them.


31 May 2019


Beautiful Ari has got both her smelly socked feet on monkeyboy’s face – as the camera moves closer, we can see the filthy footprints on the soles. Ari explains that she has especially made them so dirty just for submissive foot-slave monkeyboy who is sniffing them deeply while the toe-parts are over his nose. Saying how sweaty her feet are, Ari peels off one sock to show her pink-polished toes, and then curls them around monkeyboy’s nose so he’s forced to sniff between them if he wants to breathe. He also gets toes in his mouth before the camera moves even closer and Ari gets monkeyboy’s nose between her smelly long toes. After a last sniff of dirty sock, Ari removes it to show both of her white-skinned feet which are quickly covering monkeyboy’s face to toe-smother him. There’s a lot of spreading and wiggling of toes before monkeyboy’s nose is nipped between them, and he gets a toe up his nose as well! Using her sexy toes like fingers, Ari grabs and pinches monkeyboy’s face before she makes him smell her toe-cleavage and then rubs her wrinkled soles across his nose and lips. When she’s had enough fun, Ari leaves monkeyboy in the corner with a face that smells of stinky feet.


24 May 2019


The lovely, dominant, Ari tells monkeyboy to sit in the corner so she can rest her feet, in old sneakers and socks, on him, she’s wearing workout clothes as she’s been to the gym. She puts her sneakers on foot-slave monkeyboy and he sniffs one of them, saying how stinky they are, and gets the well-worn shoes in his face to trample him – as he’s trapped in the corner, he can’t get away. Ari uses both feet in his face and then foot-chokes her submissive victim before crushing his head and banging it against the wall. Next, Ari removes one old shoe and holds it over monkeyboy’s nose so he gets a good smell of the dirty inside and then she teases him with the damp sweaty sock before covering his face with it, he has to sniff in the stink if he wants to keep breathing. Ari makes sure the smelliest toe-part of the sock is over monkeyboy’s nose, she laughs as he sniffs in the strong cheesy aroma. We get a close-up view of the, once-white, sole of the sock when Ari shows it to the camera, the dirty grey sock has a black footprint that shows up to let us know how long it’s been worn. The second sneaker comes off and monkeyboy gets both stinky socked feet in his face. 


17 May 2019


Now it’s time for Domina Ari to have her fun with monkeyboy who comes to sit next to her on the couch – she tells him to be quiet and he tries but then laughs which gets him a foot slap in the face. Ari follows this up by resting both her bare feet up on his face, so he has to smell them, to make sure he is, one set of dark red-painted toes grip his nose, covering it completely. Ari has very long toes and she uses them to knead and grip her slaves features while telling him she’s going to make his face smell like her sweaty feet. Submissive monkeyboy asks if Domina Ari has worked out today to which she answers, yes, so sniff my stinky gym feet. Ari rubs and grinds her soles into monkeyboy’s face and makes sure her toes are never far from his nose, she even pushes a little toe up into his nostril. There’s face crushing between Ari’s strong feet and toes in the eyes and mouth for monkeyboy, he also gets forced to sniff the top of her foot, right between the toes. After some foot smothering and soles slapped across his head, monkeyboy is ordered to lay on the floor so that Ari can use her toes to block his nose and then pinch his nipples painfully. Next, Ari nips his nose shut between two toes before trying to shove her whole foot into monkeyboy’s mouth, making him gag. Finally, after more face abuse, Ari stands on the side of her foot-slaves head and then sends him away to get her a drink.


10 May 2019


Mistress Jade is ready for bed in a cute one-piece and old shoes, she calls for foot-slave monkeyboy and tells him to lay in front of her, with his head up on a footstool. Jade tells monkeyboy he is going to help stop her boredom and swings her feet up onto his chest so she can dangle the dirty old shoes right by his face. Jade dangles a shoe right over his nose and makes monkeyboy smell where her hot foot has been inside it before kicking it off and curling her toes around his nose to sniff. The second shoe follows the same way and monkeyboy thanks Mistress Jade for getting her feet extra stinky for him to smell. Jade is an expert at teasing with her soft soles and pretty painted toes and she rubs one foot gently on the very tip of monkeyboy’s nose before telling him to lick her sole. She also pushes her toes into submissive monkeyboy’s mouth and drags her feet across his face while making him worship them. Next, monkeyboy gets his face trampled and a little toe pushed up into his nose to humiliate and dominate him, followed by some playing toes that walk all over his nose and lips and then curl around his nose so he’s forced to smell between them. Jade chokes her slave and puts a foot in his mouth before ordering him to lay down on the floor so she is sitting above his head and can rest both her sexy bare on him and also curl toes over his nostrils to cut off his air. Dominant Jade continues the face abuse until she’s had enough and sends monkeyboy away, out of her sight.