9 Mar 2018


Carrying on from part 1: Gorgeous Zoe is having some fun with poor old monkeyboy as she sits on his face and subjects him to some cbt, grabbing and slapping his balls while she trash-talks and humiliates him – she squeezes his balls and makes him say what a ‘weak little girl’ he is. This goes on for some time until her dirty feet find their way back to his face and she makes him smell and kiss them. Slave monkeyboy gets her toes all over his nose and mouth before they are forced into his mouth again and he sucks them as ordered by this dominant beauty. Zoe next commands monkeyboy to lick the dirt off her soles and when he does, he gets his tongue grabbed by her strong toes. Standing over him again, Zoe makes monkeyboy crawl around while kissing the tops of her smelly  bare feet and licking the dirt from her soles again. This part of the story ends with monkeyboy laying on his back thoroughly humiliated by Mistress Zoe – she says that she is going to get something else to play with, so the fun isn’t over yet…


2 Mar 2018


The gorgeous Zoe is waiting for her next victim, she is wearing just a red bra and panties – monkeyboy turns up and tells her he wants to wrestle, but he doesn’t think that she is up to the job… Big Mistake! He gets thrown to the floor and put into a painful grapevine hold which she keeps him in until he taps out. Then Zoe straddles monkeyboy using a schoolgirl pin which soon becomes a tight face-sit, her crotch, in the thin lacy panties, covers his face until he is gasping for breath. Next, Zoe sits back on her useless opponent and puts both her little bare feet on monkeyboy’s face – she tells him how dirty and smelly her soles are before forcing a set of toes into his mouth. She is very dominant as she rubs her filthy soles all over his face and grabs his nose with her cute toes before foot-slapping him and pushing stinky toes up his nose – you can see how much she enjoys humiliating the submissive monkeyboy. Zoe forces him to sniff between her grubby toes and then foot-smothers him before standing over her victim and shoves a set of toes into his mouth, she teases and laughs at monkeyboy who is caught by his fetish and unable to escape. The next treat for slave monkeyboy is when Zoe reverse face-sits him, making sure her ass covers his nose and mouth before starting to bounce up and down on his face – now she also teases monkeyboy by rubbing his cock and balls through his trunks which starts to excite him until she slaps and squeezes his crotch. This first part of our story ends with Zoe pulling monkeyboy’s shorts down to his ankles and playing with his cock and balls through his boxers while sitting on his face…


23 Feb 2018



So, part 2 starts where part 1 ended: Krusha has one foot on monkeyboy’s face, and one on his hard cock, she is laying back enjoying the foot worship as monkeyboy takes advantage of his toe-sucking and licking skills. Krusha admits he has found her weakness and groans and gasps in pleasure when monkeyboy’s tongue goes in between her sexy white toes with black nail polish. After a while Krusha takes back control by reverse face-sitting her opponent and rubbing his cock with her hands – this lasts a while and you can see monkey boys pre-cum on his boxers. To finish, the sexy, tattooed wrestler puts one foot on his cock and balls and one on his face so he can lick and suck her soles and toes until she has had enough…


16 Feb 2018



Slave monkeyboy is expecting to take the beautiful wrestler, and strongwoman, Krusha, out on the town, so when she comes in wearing just a bra and panties he is surprised, even more-so when he sees Ari with the camera running. Before he can say or do anything, Krusha throws him to the floor and sits on him and then puts one of her cute little pale-skinned bare feet in his face – monkeyboy tries to protest but Krusha laughs and says she knows all about his foot fetish and foot smothers him. Next she sits on monkeyboy’s face with her big, sexy ass which leaves him breathless and helpless. Krusha has black toenails over monkeyboy’s nose and when she gets off his face, one foot stays there while the other is put on his cock and balls – great tease and denial by Krusha as she strokes monkeyboy’s hard cock with her cute toes. Then her other foot rubs all across his face, her toes going around and even up his nose which keeps him submissive and unable to fight back. Krusha schoolgirl pins her victim, then sits on his face and starts to twerk! There’s more cbt as Krusha owns monkeyboy, but he has a secret weapon and starts to lick and suck her toes which makes her gasp with pleasure and lay back to enjoy it…


9 Feb 2018


After his beatdown at the hands, and feet, of the sexy wrestler and dominatrix Miss Kay-O, monkeyboy is having a rest on the mats. But Miss Kay-O has been to change her outfit and now she comes back into the mat room and tells him she is going to wrestle him again – monkeyboy has to agree, but he does get her to promise no more kicks or punches this time. As he goes to stand up, Miss Kay-O puts a standing head scissors on him then takes him back down on the mats before face-sitting him, and just like that the ‘match’ is on. What follows is an exhibition of wrestling domination with some foot humiliation thrown in as she totally controls her victim and makes him tap, over and over again. Now, Miss Kay-O is mma trained, as you could guess from the holds she uses on monkeyboy: Trampling (on back and front), head-scissors (front, reverse, figure4), foot-smothering and choking), arm-bars (with stinky bare foot on face), schoolgirl pins and some holds she has made up to humiliate monkeyboy (lot’s of feet in his face, of course). The camera is being operated by the lovely Ari who can’t help but laugh and egg-on her friend Miss Kay-O, especially when monkeyboy is face-down and being forced to sniff between sweaty toes…


2 Feb 2018


So, Miss Kay-O has lost the Stinky Feet Challenge and monkeyboy is laughing and teasing her – she kicks him to the floor and puts a smelly bare foot on his face. She tramples his face before letting him stand up so she can kick him and push a foot onto his nose again while he’s trapped against the wall. Next, Miss Kay-O kicks monkeyboy to the ground where she sits on him and covers his face with both her feet before foot-choking him into tapping. She continues to humiliate him with her feet and then she face-sits her victim, laughing and playing with monkeyboy  Then Miss Kay-O does a schoolgirl pin on monkeyboy before letting him up and raining punches, kicks and knees to his body and head – when he’s down again, monkeyboy tries kissing her foot to get a break from the relentless beating he’s getting. This doesn’t work, so he offers to give up the whole match – do you think Miss Kay-O is going to accept that?


26 Jan 2018


For anyone new, The Stinky Feet Challenge is, monkeyboy has to sniff feet for 5mins, if he can’t stand the smell, he will pay £50 to the girl who beats him – this time it’s the sexy Miss Kay-O who has not washed her feet for 3 days! She is wearing a one-piece outfit and her toes are painted a dark blue, she makes monkeyboy sit against the wall and shoves one smelly bare foot into his face, making sure her long toes are right over his nose. She tells him that she’s been to the gym and has been running too as monkeyboy sniffs her toes – he compliments her on the effort she’s made to get her feet to smell bad. When he doesn’t complain, or try to move away, Miss Kay-O grabs his nose between her toes where they stink the most but still he sniffs them happily. She swaps feet and runs her toes along under monkeyboy’s nose, but he just laughs and says that his money is safe so she puts both feet over his nose and mouth – great close-ups of forced feet smelling here. Next, Miss Kay-O, nips his nose shut and then lets go so monkeyboy sniffs hard to get some air – she laughs at him smelling her sweaty toes. Still he keeps smelling and teases her that she’s not going to win – when the time is up, monkeyboy laughs at her, but is this a mistake?


19 Jan 2018


After the game of Twister, Ari, Jade and Amber decide that monkeyboy does actually deserve a birthday treat, so they have him laying in front of them and they all use him as a footstool – of course he loves this and sniffs and kisses the 6 bare soles and 30 smelly toes, lost in foot-fetish heaven. The girls enjoy it too and he gets toes curled round his nose and feet wiped and dragged across his nose (this is all filmed from the girls point of view as they tease and play with his upturned face). This whole clip is real life, the girls know monkeyboy’s fetish only too well and are, fairly, kind to their footrest for a change. Includes foot-sniffing, foot kissing, foot smother and feet on face to ensure monkeyboy remembers his birthday…


12 Jan 2018


The next of monkeyboy’s birthday treats is a game of Twister: Ari is spinning the wheel and filming; Amber and Jade, both barefoot, are playing along with monkeyboy – the game starts and the first few moves are made with no problem. Then Ari calls a move for monkeyboy to put his hand on yellow, monkeyboy says his hand is already there… so Ari changes it to ‘Head on Yellow’ and the fun starts. Jade puts monkeyboy in a head-scissors and next it’s foot on monkeyboy’s face followed by more of the same until he’s being forced to smell 4 stinky feet. Lot’s of trampling and abusing of monkeyboy by Jade and Amber makes Ari keen to join in – she does and now there are 6  sexy bare feet and 30 sweaty toes all over his face, curling round his nose and wiping across his lips. If you like foot smelling, foot-smothering, feet on face and more (plus some face-sitting), you will love this clip.


5 Jan 2018


After playing ‘Guess Who’s Feet’ with monkeyboy, Ari, Jade and Amber have left him blindfolded and laying on the floor, face up, ready for more foot-fun. Jade is first to trample him, she stands on his chest and stomach before moving one bare foot to squash his cock and balls. Ari joins in the CBT while Amber films the action, but she doesn’t wait long before she puts her smelly bare feet on his face and joins in with the ball-busting while monkeyboy tries to identify which of the 6 feet are doing what to him! Victim monkeyboy gets stinky feet to sniff and feet trampling and kicking his balls, then the punching and slapping starts making him cry out in pain. Next the girls get their foot-slave to turn over onto his stomach so Amber can pull her boyfriends boxers down, exposing his bare ass for them to slap with hands and feet. There’s lots of laughing as the 3 girls enjoy his humiliation at being punched, slapped and even wedgied!